I Guess I Should Be More Specific

This potty training thing is going to drive me insane.

We went to a birthday party yesterday and Claudia insisted on wearing underpants. Now, usually I don’t let her wear underpants until she has already pooped that morning. (She has a bad history with pooping on Dora. Oh God, here come the pervert searches.)dora the explorer underpants

Anyway, she did a great job at the party. No poop. No pee. We came home dry and I was very proud.

After we had been home for about half an hour I caught her squatting over by her doll house. I know she loves to poop back there, so I tried to move quick.

Claudia, are you pooping?


Quick! Go poop in the bathroom!

I am not sure what posessed me to think that she could handle this by herself, but she went straight to the bathroom and was quiet.

About two minutes later I decided to check on her.

There she was. In the bathroom. Squatting down on the bath mat, playing with her bath toys and she had a huge load in her pants.

She pooped in the bathroom, just like I told her to.

Totally not what I meant. I guess I’ll have to be more specific next time.

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  1. I nearly peed myself. I guess she did what you told her to do.

  2. I have totally been there.

  3. My oldest son took golf lessons when he was about 4 years old. Just to try it. He loved putt putt, and wanted to try “big boy golf” The instructor asked him to “put your eye on the ball” and that is just what he did. He squatted right down. The instructor, taken aback and probably thinking “NO! He just didn’t do that!” asked again. My son accomodated the request by again squatting and putting his eye right on that ball.

    So yeah, kids at this age tend to think concretely.

  4. Oh, Lord! Another pair of perfectly good undies done in by the doo deed on Dora. Dire!

  5. At least she did exactly what you said.
    I mean, that is a first right?

  6. Tell Claudia not to sweat it. I did the very same thing in college. Sure, it was a little embarrassing, but I got over it.

  7. I love that she poops at the doll house. Hysterical.

  8. Witness me fervidly taking notes.

  9. Well, she certainly gets an A for following directions.

    Dora suffered the same stinky fate at our house many times when my daughter was potty training.

  10. Well, she did listen to you! She just didn’t get the rest of it right. :)

    So funny, but now I’m afraid about what’s in store for me!

  11. Maybe now is the time to break out a copy of one of the Amelia Bedelia books?

  12. Suburban Oblivion says:

    LOL! I am so there with you, my youngest has finally decided he is ready to tackle potty training for real. I thought I’d get a break between him and his brother, but by the time this is over I will have been potty training for like 3 years straight! Ugh.

  13. Close! But no cigar.

  14. So close!!!

  15. Honey, I’m totally laughing my ass of at you.

    But in that supportive-I-hear-your-pain type of giggling way.


  16. I am SO not looking forward to potty training. But at least it will make for good blog material, I guess.

    Susan at Working Moms Against Guilt

  17. Oh girl, I sympathize…. my daughter is in total potty regression…. she was like totally trained for a couple months and now she has accidents all. the. time.

    I have tried EVERYTHING, yelling, bribes, telling her it’s OK… nothing works. She tells me, ” but I like to pee in my pants Mommy”

    How do I cope with that??

  18. Oh my god, that’s hilarious.

  19. Well…..she did what mommy said!

  20. I hate poopy underwear. A lesson I learned just in case you get any really nasty ones…it’s okay to throw them out. A pack of Dora pants is equivalant to a couple Grande Mochas at Starbucks.

  21. Yes, poor Elmo gets pooped on a lot. As does Lightening McQueen. I think it has become more of a joke than a deterrent ’round these parts.

    But Claudia is a smart one, that’s for sure.

  22. That’s progress!

  23. I guess I won’t rub it in that Hala pooped in the potty today.

    However…she then peed on my carpet.

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