Mother’s Little Helper

I just found the greatest thing since sliced bread. Mother’s Little Helper. Not the pills, the kid.

Babysitters are good, but this is even better. Devra has an 11 1/2 year old, we’ll call him THE MANSITTER (I happen to have it on good authority that he likes to be referred to in all caps). Anyway THE MANSITTER isn’t quite old enough to babysit alone yet, but he is plenty old enough to watch my kids while I actually get things done around the house.
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This rules.

I can shower, or do dishes, or laundry, or write things about putting iPhones in your butt. I could probably even get a nap in, assuming I had the time for that kind of thing. Even better, he will run errands with us. THE MANSITTER will accompany The Squad and I to the drug store or the post office (I got stamps in three minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes it takes to get the twins out of the car, into the post office, through the line, get them to stop touching all of the garbage cans, out of the post office and back into the car). He even came to the library with us and picked out books that he liked when he was three.

Plus my MANSITTER knows a lot about football. I will be consulting with him before my fantasy football draft in regards to the AFC West (he’s a Broncos fan).

Did I mention he costs about half as much as an older babysitter, since I can’t leave the house without him? And he will be well groomed to MANSIT for me when he is old enough and our other mansitter (except for my mother-in-law all of my babysitters here are male) goes away to college.

It is really great. I highly suggest you find a mother’s helper. Especially if you ever work from home. I can get more done in the three hours he is around than I can all day if I am alone with The Squad.

Oh yeah, and he wears the kids out so they nap when he leaves.

He is awesomely awesome. You should get one.

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  1. Although I don’t have a MANSITTER, we have an 11 year old neighbhor girl do the same thing for the last month or so, she is awesome! Too bad she is starting school in a week. Isn’t it crazy how much you can get done when they are around!

  2. Sounds like a PERFECT arrangement.

  3. This is a FANTASTIC idea!

    I have a friend who is pretty much housebound because her husband is an ass and refuses to trust anyone to watch their six-year-old daughter. (He’s a pilot, so he spends a lot of time gone for work.) This might be a way she can start working around that, or at the very least, get some free time while she’s at home with her daughter, 24/7.

  4. Suddenly, the 9 year old across the street is looking better and better (when she told me she thought she could babysit in 2 years, it was hard not to laugh at the idea of leaving my then 3 year olds alone with her).

    By the way, wouldn’t a MANSITTER be someone who looks after men?

  5. sarah (from pittsburgh) says:

    We hire our ten year old next door neighbor girl to watch my son (who is 15 months old) while my husband and I get work done around the house. We pay her %6 an hour, which is about 2/3 of the cost of a regular babysitter around here. She hangs out in the playroom with my son and keeps him occupied while my husband and I clean upstairs or do yard work. I figure that by the time she is 13 or 14, she’ll be ready to be left alone with him in the evening while my husband and I go out and our son is asleep. We could actually go to dinner and a movie again… what a novel concept.

  6. I have built in babysitters, since our next door neighbors have 3 girls, ages 14, 12 and 9. The middle one is my “helper” (meaning, I pay her)once a week so I can actually get things done…like shower and brush my teeth.

  7. And on the other side of the coin, as the mom of a 10 1/2 year old girl who LOVES little kids, sending her to another family’s house for a few hours keeps her from saying, “I’m so bored, Mom.” She’s learning useful skills that will keep her in spending money in a couple of years (she’s the oldest kid in the neighborhood). She even earned a Girl Scout badge on childcare from being a mother’s helper.

  8. I hire my brother to baby-sit for Dawson when I need to do something in which the toddler needs to be occupied.

    Like folding laundry. Yeah. If I do with Dawson in the room he dumps the baskets out and clothes are everywhere.

    But my bro is 16 and he drives and he costs an arm and a leg. Seriously. Gas money, he says.

    But it’s nice to have him when Doug and I go on a date!

  9. Dude, did you miss the Hot Tips and Tricks for Mommies meeting and guidebook?

    I had a party—I kid you not—in my neighborhood for the mother’s helpers and babysitters. I called it a Mommy-Sitter mixer, and except lemonade instead of a keg, that’s pretty much what it was. :) Now I have all their vital stats, in a spreadsheet. (Oh FTR, I invited all the mommies too—did not want it to seem like I invited only sitters for myself LOL.)

    Fat lot of good it does me now when everyone is on vacation—except me.

    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  10. What a fantastic idea….now if only I could find a wife sitter..hmmmmmmm

  11. Just don’t let Britney get wind of him. He’ll be snapped up in a second. ya’ll

  12. Broncos? BOOOOOOOOO! At least he’s not a Patriots fan.

    MANSITTER? Awesome! I have a set of girl-twins down the street who are mother’s helpers for me. It’s the best arrangement ever. But they had the nerve to go on vacation. So now I have to take care of my kids all by myself. Sad.

  13. While mine is not of the male persuasion, my 11.5 year old niece is a godsend. I keep her and my (not so helpful at all) 9 year old nephew after school everyday for my sister. In return, I get my niece, who will help me cook dinner, entertain the kids, sit in the car with them if I need to run into the bank, etc…

  14. I have one of these. I call him my son. However, I think he’s broken, as he doesn’t operate the way the MANSITTER does. Can I rent the MANSITTER to come and train my son?

  15. I need him to come to my house.

  16. I am jealous. I gotta get me one of those….

  17. Does he have his own theme song, sung to the tune of “Maneater” ’cause I hate that song and that tune, but that’s all that is in my head right now, thank you very much!

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