Getting Better

After a full week of potty training lock down things are looking up on the pee front.


If you noticed that it would seem like Claudia has peed into the future, do not be alarmed. Those are just from the times that she was putting her stickers on while I was supervising Ian’s urination.

I told them that they can’t go anywhere until they both poop in the potty. Hopefully we will be able to leave the house by 2008.

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  1. Suburban Oblivion says:

    Oh gosh, I thought about you when I posted about my son’s lack of poop the other day. We were having a battle of will over that one. He finally cracked and pooped int he potty yesterday. Then he showed me who’s boss today and pooped in his pants.

  2. I love your organizational skills and your wicked humor girl.

  3. Glad to hear that you having some success. May the potty gods be with you!

  4. Laughing about peeing into the future. Would be very helpful before a long car trip. Please advise when you have that perfected.

  5. Good luck getting the “poop in the potty” accomplished so you can get out! I do not look forward to potty training at all.

  6. I am in potty training denial. Hoping the magic potty fairy will swing by one night and we will wake up to two boys in dry “Cars” underwear.

    Hey, it’s my fantasy.

  7. Frig you’re funny!!! Peeing into the future… leaving the house by 2008!

    You’re my kinda mom!

  8. i need to do this in my apartment. for myself. i think it would actually give me a nice sense of accomplishment. (i’m not kidding.)

  9. Well I’ve told I’ve pissed away my future a few times, so I guess its possible she could be banking her pee stops.

  10. Good luck, we have turned a corner with the potty tranining here. We visited his potential school and now he is motivated. He told me this time he won’t cry at school. I guess that playground really impressed him!

  11. Potty training blows. While she will pee every time in the potty, she prefers to poop in her chonies. I really wish she would switch that one around.

  12. chonies! I had to google it to find out what that was and this was the first picture I found:

    seems like EVERYONE likes to poop in the chonies!

  13. You didn’t want to try the duct tape?

  14. Don’t fret… it does happen. And with twins, when one does it – the other one will desperately try to emulate the act. Keep in mind though; my experience is with F/F twins.

  15. I know Claudia.
    I suspect she HAS peed into the future.

  16. Sarah, I happened upon your blog via the basement, you are hysterical!

  17. I must be the lucky mom who has poopers but delayed pot pee-ers. As of lately, the girl will poop in the potty with glee, watching it appear and whatnot. However, she will stand in the living room and watch her pee come out of every possible exit that her Dora undies have. Living with the inlaws makes the whole situation more stressful since it’s not our carpet. Good times.

    Good luck with the poop.

  18. You have a pee/poop calendar? Wowzah. That’s extra organized and admirable.

    I read something a while back that kids will gain more control of their bowels before they can control their pee? From the blogs I’ve been reading lately, I feel like that’s just (pardon the pun) pure crap?

  19. You must be able to leave the house in 2008. MUST! I have plans, you know. What can I bribe Ian and Claudia with? There MUST be something.

  20. Reading your potty training war stories makes me so glad I’ve got a ten year old and a nine year old.

    But then, I’m trying to adopt an infant. Clearly, I must be out of my ever-loving mind…

  21. I still imitate my Brandon’s poop face, this face was created when he was 2, it’s even funnier and more advanced now that he’s 6.5! I’ll have to post the face one day, it’s truly hilarious!

  22. I wish I could pee into the future. That way I wouldn’t have to get up at least once a night. Annoying hormones.

  23. In our potty training travails, I’ve learned that my son can go 8 hours without going to the bathroom at all, demonstrating his will and also his complete control over me. As crazy as this made me for two weeks, it has proven to be very helpful in Target. Surely there’s some sort of benefit for you, too. Right? RIGHT!? Please God say there’s a benefit…

  24. Gosh, we are so not there yet. Well, I thought we might be moving in the right direction. Katie poo’d in the potty two days in a row only now to have nothing to do with the potty. Abbey acts like she is allergic to the potty and will run from it or scream Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo potty….. I’m not freaking out yet, they’re only 2 years old. It’s everyone else who thinks they should be potty trained.

  25. She is a sly one, that girlie of yours!

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