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Dear Internet,

Please excuse Sarah for her absence this weekend. She is still trying to potty train The Goon Squad, she went and bought a bridesmaid’s dress, helped Claudia try on flower girl dresses, she finally finished this book (meh), and Sarah and Gabe (but mostly Gabe) are painting all of their kitchen cabinets. That means going to Home Depot a lot.


Sarah’s Mother


Also, I started writing stuff for here, which you can read here for now, which I suppose is technically the internet and there fore I wasn’t actually absent, I just wasn’t in my assigned seat.


In addition, Gabe made some barbecue this weekend. (Preseason football, my friends.) Anyway, he made this very brown barbecue sauce and I made the mistake of saying how it looked like R.C.empty-mason-jar

Gabe: (puzzled) R.C. Cola?

Me: Yeah, you know how you used to drink R.C. out of mason jars at PoFolks?

Gabe: You drank R.C. out of mason jars at PoFolks?

Me: Yes. PoFolks only had R.C.

Gabe: PoFolks? You can never make fun of me for anything again. Ever.

It’s not just me right? You guys had to drink R.C. out of mason jars at PoFolks too. Right? Back me up here. I don’t want my husband to think I am some sort of crazy cracker hollering about them Duke boys.

I can’t believe I just typed hollering. I swear I never use that word when I am speaking aloud.

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  1. I remember Po Folks!! The one on 436 right?

    Just about all their drinks came in mason jars. I also recall watching someone trying to steal some to add to their “collection” at home.

    mmmmmmm….fried okra….


  2. They have stopped serving drinks in the mason jars.
    But – it was goooooooooooood back in the day.

    Po Folks rocks it.

  3. That was my first Kingsolver book & I loved it. Actually, I listened to it on tape. She has a strange sing-songy reading voice that might annoy some – but really worked with the pace of this novel.

  4. Dude! I lovingly remember drinking RC from mason jars at PoFolks!

  5. I miss PoFolks. My Husband said just about the same thing when we first got married and spoke of the yummy food there. Can’t say that I’ve ever seen since I left the St. Pete many, many years ago.

  6. I haven’t thought about PoFolks in DECADES. Seriously, I think I forgot they existed until now. Sweet.

  7. I say hollerin’ all the time. And I also say “pitch” as in, “quit pitchin’ a fit!”

    And I was raised a west coast gal, there’s no excuse.

  8. I’m a redneck and I don’t drink out of mason jars…must be a hillbilly thing.


    But RC cola…I lived on that when I was too poor and cheap to buy the good stuff.

  9. i remember going to PoFolks as a kid in Atlanta…but i don’t remember the Mason jars…although you’d think that’s the kind of thing you’d remember…:)

  10. LMAO because all my friends worked at Po Folks, which didn’t really entail much waitressing since it was mostly a buffet. I definitely drank out of the mason jar, but R.C. that might have been a FL thing.

    Have missed you, but I kept crashing so much so that I couldn’t even post. And now, you’re back! YEAH!

  11. I only drank tea (sweet, of course) at Po Folks.

    But I still drink RC on occasion. Especially with a moon pie.

  12. All I can say is…. damn yankees, they don’t know nothin… let me get a big heck ya from the red neck girls like me.

  13. I only drank ice tea (UNSWEETENED, thank you very much) from the mason jars.

    PoFolks is gone here now. Sob.

  14. How was the book? And how did you read it since I have your book & I am reading it now?

    I think I’m going to send you some mason jars, for when your guests come over.

  15. De in D.C. says:

    There was a Po Folks just west of Fairfax Circle (it’s an Outback now, and has been for 18+ years). My sisters and I used to drink Orange Soda out of the mason jars, lol. I was very anti-cola in my youth. They also had this hunk of a tree trunk at the entrance that they pounded various coins into, so we’d spend inordinate amounts of time trying to pry the coins out. Like a little 8yo girl would be able to do what the beefed-out men couldn’t, lol.

  16. I’m from hillbilly Oklahoma and have never heard of PoFolks OR drank anything from a mason jar.

    Somehow, I feel a tiny bit better about myself right now…

  17. Barbara Olson says:

    PoFolks had the best Chicken’n’Dumplins, mmmm and sweet tea in a mason jar…

  18. rc cola was always in a can for us… umm but my hubby does drink tea out of old molasses jars (with handles) that are much like mason jars. does that count?

  19. Hell. Once my x-husband’s parents called from Illinois and asked him what he was doing. We lived in Georgia. We were on our back porch… he said,

    “Drinkin’ tea from a mason jar and killing bugs with a hammer.”

    And it was the God’s honest truth.

  20. I had completely forgotten about PoFolks. Completely.

  21. I’m laughing for probably no reason, I have those jar/glasses things in my cupboard, I have no idea why, I have a sudden urge to drink R.C. cola from them, but I didn’t have any, so I substituted wine..

  22. Dude, there was a PoFolks really close to me when I was in college and I never set foot in there. Something about the name… So anyway, I wouldn’t know about RC in mason jars. Sorry :)

  23. Suburban Oblivion says:

    My favorite catfish place here serves sweet tea in mason jars and fried dill pickles. You really should come for a visit sometime!

  24. So Po Folks was a real place?

    I have a christmas song called Po Folks Christmas. You need a copy?

  25. I too just finished reading the Prodigal Summer and really enjoyed most of it. I thought the sections concerning Deanna and the forest were a bit too long, though.
    Have an excellent week!

  26. I’m in St. Louis, and we drank the RC at Po’Folks. We thought we were all kinds of cool ’cause we had never even seen mason jars before. They’re all gone now, but thanks for the memory!

  27. Cocacola has bound and gagged me to deny any association with R.C.

  28. oh you need to come visit us up here in the mountains. nothing like the tampa we were used to! and now you are in proper DC. I have the pleasure of meeting people and not understanding one word they say. coming from a family of all foreigners I am normally great with accents but this appalachian thing sounds like a whole different language. Hollering is a word you would use at least 5 times a day around these parts.

  29. Yes, yes, yes! I not only remember PoFolks, but remember really liking it too! Oh, the fried chicken. Oh, the biscuits! Oh, the RC cola and the moon pies. Except I never really ate a moon pie. Because I was too cool for that.

    But I was never too cool for chicken n’ biscuits.

    I have to go call Canape and reminisce about this. Yum.

  30. Really? Just a ‘meh’ on Prodigal Summer? I loved that book. All the nature stuff kinda made me wanna to do it.

  31. ummm…stumbled a bit there. May I say instead, Ms. Kingsolver’s lovely descriptions of the varied nature proceedings caused occacional arousal whilst reading that book.

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