No Publicity is Bad Publicity

I think the first time I understood the term “no publicity is bad publicity” was back in 1992. I was working at a Peaches record store when Body Count’s song “Cop Killer” was banned.

Before this song was banned nobody cared about Body Count. Sure, I owned the tape (yes tape, shut up), but I like a lot of bad music. After everybody started freaking out about this song the CD’s started flying off of the shelves. I sold a copy of the album to a lady who must have been in her late 50’s. Confused people were even buying the new, edited version.

Anyway. You probably want to know why I am even talking about this.

About a week ago I wrote a post wondering why none of the candidates for president came to BlogHer. A lot of people supported my position, but a lot of people also thought I was an idiot.

Someone actually linked to my post and told me to stop whining. It wasn’t a big deal. They are entitiled to their opinion. But then…

Yesterday one of the websites that likes to trash people linked to the person that linked to me. (Is this making any sense at all?) This mean blog (who shall remain nameless) gets a ton of traffic, so a lot of people clicked through to see who was trashing who.

And I have ads.

So no publicity is bad publicity.

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  1. Wow. I remember Peaches.

  2. Funny how that works. I still get occasional clicks from the MARCH dustup I had with Richard Schickel, who blasted blogging as not being real writing. What I thought was a polite disagreement turned into something national bloggers picked up.

    And so glad your ring bear-a is now appropriately dressed (insert smiley emoticon now if I knew how).

    All the southern accent stuff got me thinking, and MetroDad says mine isn’t that bad.

    PS – I liked the posts about the candidates and BlogHer. Did anyone invite them? And I LURVE Eliz Edwards.

  3. Boo yah, baby.

    Did I tell you about the time I was Instalanched, and, there were no ads running?

  4. Isn’t it funny how that works? I totally agree with you. No publicity is bad. Mean people suck!!

  5. Yeah, it’s funny how that happens. Makes it much easier to take a lump or two when they drive so much traffic your way.

    Stupidly, I still don’t have ads, so it’s really just the perverse pleasure I get from knowing I’m getting more exposure.

  6. Cha-ching!

    Sweet. You’re buying the bubbly for Beach Week.

  7. Sweet. Whine away, what other things can we discuss that will pick up a big review?

  8. Excellent news for you!

  9. Oh come on! Name names! My inquiring mind needs to know!

  10. So you’re really gonna make us hunt this bad person down, eh? All right. I’ve got a few minutes to burn.

  11. I STILL have that CD, still in it’s original box wrapping. With Cop Killer. Yep, I’m a geek.

    Sometimes, I pass the spot where one of the Orlando Peaches sits and laugh that now on the spot it used to be is a Chipotle Grill. I miss that place.


  12. JamesMommy says:

    Talk about a silver lining! Good for you, Sarah.

  13. Christina says:

    Awesome! I love it when that happens!

  14. It wasn’t me… the nasties haven’t linked to me in weeks. I kinda miss the hits. My ads are going to be great this month! :-)

    BTW, I wrote to Ellen Goodman, the columnist for the Boston Globe after your post on Yearly Kos and she was familiar with Blogher but had a long list of reasons why Blogher Conferences are low down on the media’s list of things to watch and attend. Most of them were just what I thought they were. If you want to talk about it further, email me.

  15. I got mad traffic when Kellyology trashed me.

    It was the bomb.

    I am going to insult some more people for the traffic.

    Of course, I still get mad traffic from Penissize links.
    They apparently LOVE mommybloggers.

  16. I’ve only gotten residual “hating on” from a site that has 5 readers and 4 of them being fake names made up by the site owner.

  17. Hmmm…Subscribed from Kerfloppy’s BlogHer linkylove post, specifically to interact with people who went this year because I’m considering going in 2008 but have some doubt.

    As for mean people sucking (And oh, how they do) I had a faction of rabid Amway reps hound me.

    I considering joining a support group after that.

  18. Now you’ve got me curious, which site… (since there’s so many of them)

  19. I learned this with the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ.” There were probably like 8 people in the whole country who would have been lured to the theatre by that title — until the haters started talking it up everywhere. I wouldn’t have even heard of it otherwise — becuase I sort of operate “outta the loop” that way.

  20. You had the last laugh!

    (An excellent reason for having ads, by the way!)

  21. You go girl! Show that punk you mean business.

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