If You Were Looking For Me

This is where I’ll be tonight.


That’s right. The Redskins and Steelers game.

I know it is only preseason, but football is football, and a suite is a suite is a suite.

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  1. So would this be the wrong time to yell…Go Steelers!..?

    Sorry, I am from Pittsburgh.
    I’ll just have to force myself to keep reading your blog, even if I know you’ll clearly be cheering for the wrong side tonight. :)
    Have a fun time in the suite.

  2. Yee haw. Football and you don’t even have to freeze or broil your butt off to watch it!

  3. Go Steelers!!!! Sorry.

    By the way–I got a prized possession this week–my VERY OWN Sarah and the Goon Squad bottle opener. Thank you so much for helping me to class up my beer drinking. It is very cool–.

    Many, Many thanks!

  4. The MANSITTER wants to know if you get free food in the suite.

  5. I hate you.. umm. okay so that’s wrong. We are stuck watching it on tv.. boohoo, boohoo. Okay, I’m done.

  6. Now last time I HAD suite tickets I TOOK YOU.

    No fair.

  7. Dude. I looked EVERYWHERE for you. Heh.

  8. I was there too!! Great time, wasn’t it??

    But 8 dollars for a beer…??!!

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