A Good Way to Attract Attention

Let’s imagine for a moment that you and your daughter decide to both put on your bossy shirts and wear matching ponytails for a picture so that you can put it on the internet.

Then picture yourself forgetting that you match and going to Trader Joes.

You will get a lot of attention.

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  1. I love it! Absolutely love it!

  2. They may have looked, but they probably did what you said.

  3. Good thing they were bossy shirts and not something more profane. TJ’s is just the right place for the two of you!

  4. Sure, it might have been about the shirts but I think you got a lot of attention because of the ponytails.

  5. That is hilarious.

  6. heeheehee

  7. I always wanted to get my husband the t-shirt that says ‘I did feminist chicks’ and then get myself and noodle matching tees that said ‘feminist chick’. I would wear Bossy out too though.

  8. They were looking at your boobs. You both look a-dorable.

  9. OMG I am dying.

  10. Tres chic!

  11. Wow! You two seem to be having a grand ol’ time. Can I come over to play? Although, I haven’t worn my hair in pigtails in quite a bit of time. (Okay, okay, yesterday…Yesterday, was the last time I wore pigtails) But it was because I was doing laundry and cleaning house…and perhaps, pretending I was a member of a little known 80s group called the Go-Gos. Okay, you got me again, it wasn’t the Go-Gos–It was… ( * sigh * ) Jem and the Holograms…(hanging my head down low) for shame…

  12. Sorry, Sarah, but I’ve tagged you:


    Do with it what you will.

    Love you. Smooches.


  13. Oooh! So cool! I think you both look damn adorable. :)

  14. My oldest daughter is 13…we only dressed alike once. That was enough for me. Now we just swipe each others clothes. That’s more fun!

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