In Your Hands

Next week I will be vacationing at the beach. Here is my question for you. Would you prefer guest posts from coherent people, or sporadic drunken rants from me?

I’ll leave it up to the commenters. Normally, this place is a cheerocracy, but for today it will be a democracy.

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  1. Drunken rants. Definitely. With photos.

  2. I vote drunken rants. and yes, I agree with Lumpyheadsmom… we MUST have pictures.

  3. Lumpyhead’s Mom realizes, of course, that she will be starring in the drunken pictures, yes?

  4. DRUNKEN RANTS. No question.

  5. Absolutely drunken rants. Not that we don’t love your guest posters…

  6. Mom at Work says:

    Drunken rants…but no photos of any mother of a 4 year old in a bathing suit. It will cause people to run in horror. Only people with younger kids in bathing suits.

  7. Oh drunk, absolutely drunk. How about drunk video blogging?

  8. Drunken rants including photos and video proof, please.

  9. Runken drants, obviously!!

  10. Drunken rants, of course. No question!

  11. Is there really a question here lol, drunken rants of course!!

  12. drunken rants…can we have both?

  13. Can I join you in the drinking and be your guest drunk poster..? Two birds, one stone!

  14. Drunken rants. From you. On vacation.

    Sounds very fun.

  15. Drunken rants. I will finally stop feeling guilty for drunk emailing you.

  16. Bossy prefers Drunken Rants although admits most of them are always her’s.

  17. how will we know if you’re drunken ranting or just ranting? ‘-) have a great time!

  18. Sorry Sarah Looks like we are getting drunkin RANTS!! whooo whooo… How much better could that get

  19. Cheerocracy! LMAO!

    I vote for drunken posts, too. Those are always fun for us and highly embarrassing for you. I like that combination.

  20. Drunken Rants… and a personal appearance on my blog… see you when you get here.

  21. Am I the only one voting for an invitation to the party so I can rant drunk, too?

    Or, I can just get drunk here and guest post for you. I believe I proved I can share some embarrassing content. Heh.

  22. Another beach vacation? Has it been a week already?

  23. Drunken rants from random strangers. Preferably video. I suggest just leaving your laptop out on the bar with a big sign above it: “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done in public while drunk?” Maybe you’ll hit the jackpot and be able to retire on the hush money you raise.

  24. New to your blog, but definitely SDR (sporadic drunken rants). With art.


  25. Definitely drunken rants.

  26. Absolutely – Drunken Rants. r, if you go with Papa Bradstein’s suggestion (which is brilliant!) – that’ll work, too.

  27. While I like the idea of the Druken Rants – I also remember Carrot Top and guest posters from last time. I’m thinking that would be highly entertaining, too…

  28. Definitely drunken rants. Everything goes better with beer.

    Enjoy the beach. And the booze!

  29. Sporadic drunken rants. No question.

  30. Do I even need to say it at this point? Drunk.

  31. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Drunk. Duh.

  32. I think I have time to get you that Gnome costume. Yes?

  33. ummmmmm…duh!!! Sober strangers or drunk Sarah. Hmmmmmm?

  34. Hey, will you be by me? Email me what days, and maybe we can hook up! Then everyone can get a two fer on the drunken photos.

  35. “Sporadic drunken rants” please. :)

  36. Duh, both!

  37. Are you kidding??? Drunken rants.

  38. Drunken rants. I HATE guest posts.

  39. I think I’m gonna have to go with drunken rants… the possibilities are endless.

  40. *leaves a drunken comment*


  41. The latter.

    For real.

  42. Well, you clearly don’t need any more votes…..but I’m checking the box next to drunken rants.

  43. Can we have both?

  44. BY&M – I don’t get the whole guest posting thing. Why is it vogue?

    I go to your blog to read you. You know?

    (Clearly there’s something I’m missing.)


  46. Hands down, drunken rants. The last time I blogged for you I dropped the ball and embarrassed myself. So, this time, it’s all you.

  47. Drunken rants, hands down!

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