To Some of You, This Will Sound Like Blah, Blah, Blah

I had my first fantasy football draft last night and I got Willis McGahee in the fourth round.


Granted, there were only eight teams, but still, I feel kind of like a badass.

I also got Larry Johnson with the fifth pick.

Am I going to kill these people or what? I am almost sad it isn’t for money.

(Hi guys!)

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  1. Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?

    Yup, it’s blah blah to me, but I just had to say that.

  2. Better you kill in this league that your moeny league(s)… whereas I will be doing the “killing” in The Blogpound

    You goin’ down!

  3. That’s a HUGE score. McGahee is definitely the man in Baltimore…gonna get tons of carries. Who else did you get?

    FYI, guess who WON’T be available in the fourth round next week

  4. Whatever. How bout Urlacher, T. Jones (bastards traded him to Giants I think), one of them Manning boys or Favreeee? Ha ha ha!

  5. If you’re such a badass, why doesn’t your team name have “bitches” in it?

    Oh wait, neither does mine. Crap.

    No matter, in the fifth, your ass goes down.

  6. Looks Good!!! I think McGahee will have a HUGE year this year. Can’t believe Johnson fell to the 5th pick. Who went before him other than Tomlinson and Steven Jackson?

  7. You can totally have McGahee. He has been nothing but bad news for me. I was most shocked about Johnson and Alexander. Didn’t he go second round???

  8. I keep a translator on hand. He said 8 teams is dinkified and his team has 14 teams. Then he said cool, badass and who were your #1 and #2. He’s dynasty so drafting rookies
    and got Marshaun Lynch.

    As it happens he’s not such a great translator but as it happens I’m a great secretary/typist.

    Other than that last sentence I have no idea what I just wrote.

  9. As it happens not such a great typist. Apparently his LEAGUE has 14 teams.

  10. Dude. Larry Johnson’s career was over in 2001. You crazy.

  11. Hell yeah!!! I should get in a fantasy football….I love kicking guys ass.

  12. My draft is Friday, and I need to get my shit together before then! Especially since I named my team All Out of Bubblegum and am the only one with two X chromosomes, I feel like I need to be especially on my toes.

  13. as a Penn Stater who got to see the badass Ell Jae in person, may I congratulate you, babe. Talented and pretty hot. And so is Larry Johnson. :)

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