On the Dollar Store

I’m driving the kids to beach this week and I went to the dollar store to try to find them some toys for the beach and some crap to keep them occupied on the five or six hour drive.

Believe it or not, I went to three dollar stores on Friday, thus tripling the amount of dollar stores I have ever entered in one 24 hour period. I was looking for flippers and snorkels for the kids. Another kid had a pair of flippers at the pool last week and The Squad went nuts.

After this pilgrimage to three local stores full of junk, I have a couple of questions in regards to dollar stores.

1) Why do all dollar stores smell like B.O.?

2) Why don’t any of the stores have flippers?

3) Why do you have Christmas decorations up in August? It’s a million degrees outside. Doesn’t it make more sense to sell pool stuff?

4) How can a dollar store survive in every single strip mall in Northern Virginia?

5) Why do I even bother going into dollar stores? I never find anything good, and now I am too paranoid to buy any cheap toys for the kids, since everything has already been recalled.

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  1. flippers should be okay, I don’t think lead floats (I’m not sure though, maybe a job for Letterman?)

  2. I dunno what beach your going to, but if its a touristy beach town most will have some sort of souvenir/swim suit/junk shop that will sell flippers. The beach toys in those types of stores are usually priced pretty good as well!

    Have fun at the beach!

  3. Let us not forget, that one always leaves the Dollar Store with way more crap than one intended to purchase because hey! It’s only a dollar! Times thirty!

  4. BUT… little do many people know, the dollar store does sell pregnancy tests. And they WORK, like as good as the first response ones! FOR A BUCK!

    As I am trying for baby #3 right now, I find myself at the dollar store a lot.

    Yes, I admit, i am a pee on a stick addict. I have a problem.

  5. De in D.C. says:

    I decorated my house for halloween a few years ago for less than $10, and have used them every year since.

    Every go to 5 Below? They’re a bit more than a dollar (hence the name), but the stuff is slightly better quality and not quite as junky. We bought squirt guns to give as party favors there for I think $3 a piece. They might be a good bet for fins/snorkles, but those places are so hit or miss with inventory.

  6. Dollar stores make me uneasy. Too many random things under one roof.

  7. Because all dollar stores only carry seasonal items 6 months before you need them of 6 months after, which means you have to be either anally organized or really late and confused. (Sadly I have filled both categories.)

    You know the thing I hate about dollar stores? Your hands smell afterward. That’s just gross. (But I’ll still shop there.)

  8. Dollar stores kick ass for teachers. We have one that smells like incense.

  9. #1 – I don’t think that smell is BO, it’s the stale pork products they’re selling.

    And maybe some smelly person thrown in…

  10. LMAO at your #1 question. That is SO true!

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