How to Make Lumpyhead’s Mom Shoot Beer Out of Her Nose

If you are playing the drinking game ‘categories’ and the category ‘One of your toes’ comes up, just yell “THE ONE THAT ATE ROAST BEEF!”

And this lunatic will spit beer right out of her nose.

This other jerk keeps making me drink. What kind of freak shows play drinking Chutes and Ladders and knows every square?

Note to self: Don’t go on vacation with people you meet on the internet.

They make you drink lots of beer.

I don’t mean this in the good way.

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  1. you should play edward fortyhands, tape an OE to each hand with duct-tape and let the fun begin, can’t undo them until both are empty

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Whit’s right…Edward Fortyhands is such a great game. It requires both strategy and perseverance. Not many drinking games can so aptly be considered a metaphor for life.

    Had I been there, the roast beef thing might’ve moved beer out of my nose, as well.

  3. My drinking companions and I were wondering if you can play Edward Fortyhands with 40’s of anything, or does it have to be OE?

  4. Now that sounds like quite a party!

  5. I’d pay money to sit with you, Steph, others and Jenny for this game. Oh WAIT I could have…it was called Blogher.

    Thanks for jabbing the pain point.


    I’d spew beer (if I drank it, I prefer the Hard Stuff) if you yelled that, no doubt.

    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  6. that would have made me shoot beer out of my nose too. as it is, it’s going to make me laugh for the next few days for sure.

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