Creepy… But Quiet

I think Ian is sleeping with his eyes open.

Well, either that or he has been laying down quietly for the past 40 minutes.

I think we can all be confident that the latter is entirely out of the question. Unless, of course,  the body snatchers came by when I accidentally fell asleep while trying to put the Goon Squad down for a nap.

It could happen.

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  1. I sleep with my eyes open all the time.
    It freaks people out.

  2. That would freak me out.

  3. Whoa! I’ve met a couple people who do that, and, while it used to creep me out, there’s no denying it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

  4. I do that and so does my daughter. A friend of mine said my eyes would follow whoever came into the room while I was asleep. That would creep me out.

  5. Creepy is right! The moments when Dawson is quiet and content scare me, too! I usually start to think something is wrong with him.

  6. When I’m REALLY tired, I sleep with my eyes open too!!

  7. If the body snatchers came while you were sleeping, doesn’t that mean you’re one of them now?


  8. My number three has been known to sleep with those little slit eyes…kind of like a snake sleeping. It totally freaks out my daughter who thinks he’s possessed.

  9. Creepy is right, but I think they know what they’re doing. 3B will lay flat on his back, arms and legs spread as wide as possible and either stare at the monitor camera for an hour or sleep with his eyes open for an hour. We’ve debated both options but decided, hey, it’s quiet, let’s sneak out and catch a movie. (Just kidding, of course, we went out for a nice meal.)

  10. That’s just a new trick of his and you should be frightened. He’s up to something.

  11. It freaks me the fuck out when Goldie does that. I am always waving my hand before her eyes.

  12. Ok, while completely and utterly freaky, I would be doing the happy dance that he was asleep and didn’t get into anything while I was asleep. My youngest always managed to get into something, usually paint and hide under the kitchen table. She could always find the paint or markers no matter where I hid them. So as long as he’s breathing and quiet, enjoy while you can until he figures out how to fake you out and trick you into thinking he’s sleeping…

  13. I’m thinking he’s actually having an out-of-body experience. Where do you think he’s gone to?

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