My Second Strangest Compliment to Date

The strangest compliment I ever received was when some guy at Mardi Gras told me that I had sexy armpits. (If that sounds familiar it is because I mentioned it before here.)

The second strangest compliment I ever got came courtesy of my daughter. It happened just this morning.

I was changing out of my pajamas (read: the shirt I wore yesterday and slept in and a pair of sweatpants) into clean clothes and Claudia and I were discussing what I was going to wear today. I was putting on a clean pair of underpants when She laid this one on me –

“Mommy, you have a big pagina!”

(That isn’t a typo, she and her brother both call them paginas.)

“Your pagina is humongous!”


I guess.

Keep in mind this is the girl who has also praised me for having such a big butt.

What is the strangest compliment anyone has ever given you?

There is a SATGS key chain bottle opener in it for the person who makes me laugh the hardest.


Edited to Add This :

I completely forgot about a fantastic compliment I got last week from Count Waffles the Terrible. I just cut and pasted this e-mail from his Mom:

…was asking me today about how babies get in bellies. And somehow this lead to a discussion of how TWO babies can get in bellies. So I, of course, went with the whole Claudia and Ian discussion.rofl button

After much back and forth, Jack decided that the ONLY reason Auntie Sarah had TWO babies was because “she’s the smartest person in the world about stomachs” and “only really, super smart people know enough to have two babies in their stomach.”



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  1. While taking Hunter to a baseball game, I hit a bird. He told me that I was the best driver and the first person in the USA to hit a bird while driving. I had to pull over. I guess it doesn’t really sound that funny, but hearing him say it was priceless.

  2. You are one up on me, I wouldn’t change my t-shirt from the day before unless it smelled really bad. I will change underwear and get right back into the comfy clothes i was in the day before.
    Best compliment: Even your acne is pretty. From a drunk guy around the time I started dating my husband. Do you wonder why I threw back the drunk guy?

  3. LOL! that is hilarious :) yes i’ve gotten the big butt comment and once zoe told me “mom your butt is disgusting!” that one hurt a little. lately zoe is pretty interested in anneka’s vagina…saying – “it looks fat! it looks weird!” haha

  4. Well, while he never actually COMPLIMENTED the vagina, Lil Satchmo did once ask to see the hole in my vagina where the babies come out.
    I respectfully declined.
    He has said that he “loves my big bootie”…..a sentiment his father shares albeit for different reasons.

  5. Hey Sarah,

    I see the twins no longer a little baby, and now the look even cute:D
    what happened with ” the wicked truth ” anyway?!

  6. Just to review: you apparently have a huge vagina and know everything there is to know about bellies.

    You’ve got a lot going for you.

  7. Dear God your kids and Jack are hilarious! I totally laughed out loud for reals.

    Way to go, expert!

  8. I LOL even harder at the second story! Classic!

    To echo an above comment, you do clearly have a lot going for you, although if current cosmetic surgery is any indication big paginas aren’t very “in.” 😉

    My weirdest compliment?

    A Ranger once told me my balls were bigger than his for sure, and I’d never leave a hill in battle.

    I’m not sure he meant it as a compliment though.

    Using My Words

  9. I’m dying. Seriously choking on coffee. Every time I see the word “pagina” I laugh.

    The best strange compliment I ever received was: “Your eyes are beautiful … I see people in them.”

    Apparently she meant that the white part in my blue looks like people dancing … but still … you see PEOPLE in my eyes? No wonder they hurt!

  10. I’m not sure this was a compliment, but I once had a guy (whom I’d never met before) stare at me for a few minutes then say “sorry to stare, but it’s just that you have really thick eyebrows” What?! BTW – I have very normal eyebrows but even if I didn’t, why would you tell a woman that?? Creepy!

  11. One time a guy at the UPS store in NC said to me, “Well, you be sure to tell someone in Ohio that you’re as cute as a pair of homemade shoes.”

  12. My husband once told me I have the cutest dimples in my butt.

    I didn’t talk to him for three days after that.

    I had no excuse for those dimples either. It was before I had a baby!

  13. Someone once told me my camera made her boobs look big.

  14. This is probably not the best, but here goes anyway. My nephew brought his daughter (11) and son (8) to visit my mom. These are my older sister’s grandkids — she’s 16 years older than I am.

    So I’m talking to Carter, and he asks, “Are you Mom-Mom’s sister?”

    And I say, “Yes, I am.”

    And he says, “But you don’t have any wrinkles!”

    God, I love that boy.

  15. I don’t have anything really fascinating to report, I don’t think. I usually do get fabulous back-handed compliments from my mother in law though- stuff like, “wow, your hair looks so much better than the last time I saw you!”

    And I totally forgot to thank you for my bottle opener but it’s on my keychain and it makes me happy. :)

  16. I once had a guy tell me I was almost as beautiful as his car. I was too afraid to see what kind of car it was.

  17. The strangest compliment I can remember getting was “One of your stupid ideas is going to make you a millionaire one day.”

    So….apparently, I’m full of stupid…but at least it’ll get me some cash some day! :)

    I also had a guy use a pickup line on me that was “Hi there. You have good teeth.”

    I just stared at him. He explained later that he meant I had a pretty smile but got nervous. I ended up dating him for several months for making me laugh so hard.

    However, I don’t care if you laugh at all – I still want that key chain bottle opener. Thanks.


  18. We had a cook out the weekend of our wedding, and we bought all the food at Costco (similar to Sam’s Club), so everything was in great big containers.

    My nephew took one look at the spread and said to my husband, “Stan, you have REALLY BIG pickles!!” He was quite impressed.

  19. The funniest compliment my son (4 years old today) gave me was
    “Mom your so pretty, I love you…(Pause)and your stinky mouth.”

  20. Once, at a cocktail party, I tried to compliment a cute girl for her agility. The way she fluttered between the kitchen, the living room, and back to the kitchen was something worthy of Spider-Man’s rooftop-hopping ability, I thought. So I told her, “Has anybody ever told you you look like Toby McGuire?” I spent the rest of the evening apologizing her profusely.

  21. It is a long story, but I stood this asshole guy up for a date. 10 years later, we met again, and he said “You’re still pretty good looking. Do you want to go out sometime?”

    Uh, no.

  22. A friend just reminded me of when my young son (now 14) looked at her hairy, varicose veined-lined legs and said, “You have cactus tatoos on your legs!”

  23. Officially, that is the hardest I’ve ever laughed reading a blog post.

    Here’s mine:

    I came home with a new haircut one day, and my son said, “Mom, your hair looks really good.”

    “Awww, thanks, Sweetie!” I said.

    He continued…”because it looked REALLY BAD before.”

  24. This isn’t even a compliment, but I was once making out with this guy in college and he stopped and point blank asked me if I thought his legs were in proportion to the rest of his body. Freak!!

  25. One of my husband’s workmates warning the new guy that had just started…. that hubby may be a scary grump but for god’s sake don’t even look at his missus the wrong way. That woman can rip your heart out your nostril with her eyeballs!

    (SWEEEEEEEEEEET! I can make full grown MEN who TOWER over me crap their pants just by glaring at them. Woohoo!)

  26. My husband after we had been engaged for a few months muttering “Hoover has NOTHING on you” while we were in bed!

    I was horrified. I thought he was telling me I sucked. I bolted out of the room bawling and screaming at him to find another wife.

    After he calmed me down…. and finished dying laughing. (I swear I have never seen a man howl with laughter like that!) He explained that he meant it in a good way and it was meant to be a compliment.

    He has never said it again though. Now he just says “excuse me while I remove the sheets from my bum” and waits for me to stop laughing.

    If this one is too risque Sarah… feel free to delete it!

  27. I recently wrote a post why you should never use a public toilet in the presence of your 3 year old. I exercised for days afterwards.

  28. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Someone once told me that I was the most articulate black man they’d ever met.

    I’m white.

    I don’t even speak ‘ebonic’.

  29. I was being weighed at the doctor’s office, and the nurse told me, with a huge smile, “You don’t LOOK like you weigh that much… you must be SOLID!” I was so shocked, I couldn’t muster the strength to kick her in the teeth…

  30. From my daughter while sitting in my lap…”Mommy I liked it better when you were more squishy; you’re getting all pokey.” (I had been dieting for almost a year)

  31. congrats on your big pagina!

  32. With my two, it’s hard to pick one.

    The boy (4.5 yrs) likes to tell me loudly that I have pooped in the toilet. In public. Then when someone laughs he says it again. Either that or he freaks out thinking I’ve got an owie on my bagina when I have my period. Again, in public.

    The girl (2.5 yrs) like to ask people if they have a bagina or pesticles. She’s more than willing to tell you her daddy has a penis and her brother has pesticles. Apprantly they are sharing. She told someone this at the grocery store today. Even worse? I work at the store and the customer was a regular of mine. Nice.

    I love my kids.

  33. Mine isn’t so funny, but I’ve been told that I have sexy knees (seriously? that’s the best thing you can say about me?)
    I think you may have been there when the lady told me I had a beautiful uterus.

    Wow, I must suck if those are the comliments I get.

  34. I forgot the time the dr said my hips were perfect for childbearing….i was 16. scared the hell outta my mom. I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.

  35. i have a little sister who is 14 years younger than me. when she was 3 or 4, i had her for the day and we had to go potty…together, obviously.
    she stood there staring at me while i pottied, and i wasn’t bothered at all until she started examining the underwear around my ankles and said: “teetee, your unduhweyars is cayeen. (clean)” i said: “yes, well, clean underwear is very important.”
    and thought: the hell? but she wasn’t done…she then looked at me with a very concerned expression and whispered: “sometimes my mommy gets blood in her unduhweyars.”

    (we don’t have the same mommy, for the record)

    also, if claudia ever wants to tell you about how big your pachina is again, i would just tell her that’s what happens when an entire goon squad attempts to pop out of it at once…

  36. april – I think we must have had the same dr, I got told the exact same thing when I was a teenager.

    I’ve got another story that goes with all the bathroom tales – took my 4 yo into the stall with me and need to change my tampon…H yells “MOMMY, WHAT ARE YOU STICKING UP YOUR BUTT!?!?!” I though the woman in the next stall was going to have a stroke.

  37. Wow! I have to say thanks for the laughs! I have not laughed that hard in forever.
    My kids say funny stuff like this all the time… they are now banned from the bathroom.
    The strangest compliment I have receieved that I can remember is a guy who said (insert redneck accent here) …”Hey, your’e kinda good lookin, you wanna go out?” Like, first of all if you only think I am sort of okay, then why the he** would you ask me out and secondly, didn’t this huge diamond on my finger give it away? Ugh. :-)

  38. Bryan said “You’re squishy in all the right places.”

    Yes. We’re still married.


  39. Bwahaha – this was fabulous, thanks for the laughs.

    I can’t think of any strange compliments, but when my husband finally got glasses after putting it off for a long time he looked at me and said, surprised, “Wow, I can see all the pores in your face!”.

  40. We just recently told Paige that Mommy has another baby in her belly. Her response? “Well that’s relly good Mommy, cause you got PLENTY of room in your belly!”

    Um, yeah.

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