You Know What I Hate?

I mentioned this before when Corinne ran off to North Carolina, but I hate it when you make a new friend that lives near you and that you really like and then they up and move.

What is it with North Carolina anyway? 

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  1. I am here, that is why 😉

    I know the feeling though, you left me in Tampa then I made a new best friend and then I left her to move here. It sucked and still sucks. You should visit though, it really is beautiful here and the people are really nice.

  2. Or, you and the squad could move to Michigan. I’d totally be your friend.

  3. NC is the next state to the south. All the hip chicks live there (at least all the hip chicks who live in NC live there).

  4. I love their beaches – I totally would move there if my family would come too.

  5. That’s where all the cool people live.

    Now if we could only get a MLB team!

  6. What REALLY sucks is when you move to North Carolina and your friends refuse to go with you.

  7. I agree — that stinks. I was just really getting a good friendship going with one of the mom’s at PunditGirl’s school (and PG and her daughter we best friends — golden) — and they up and move to California!

  8. I KNOW! And, it’s even worse when BAD new neighbours move in — been-there-done-that! 😉

  9. I get it. My BFF of almost 30 years is moving. I’m devastated.

  10. *shrugs* Life’s just easier down here? Something about the coast and the mountains being close.. and people being nice… and lots of college football… I dunno, but maybe you should move down here with us! :)

  11. I hear you! I lost a friend to NC too.

  12. oh man. i totally agree with corinne. you should move down here with us! i’ve lived all over this world, and ultimately i came back here. also like corinne sez, coast and mtns close to everything. awesome beaches – gorgeous mtns. progressive hotspots sprinkled all along the state (to counter-balance the politically red farmland everywhere else). cool cities that the rest of the world doesn’t really know about. friendly people. barbecue. short winters. long springs and falls. come on down!

  13. Sarah – have you noticed a pattern this week of various states taking people away? New Jersey, North Carolina it is a scary place outside of the Washington Metro area.

  14. Sarah has given me permission to move anywhere in Fairfax County but utterly forbade me moving out of the state of Virginia.

    She says it’s because we are friends, but now I’m wondering if North Carolina is some kind of safe house. She scared me so bad with all that “I forbid it talk” I can’t even leave my home office.

  15. I totally hate that. So far I have managed to bully one of my friends into staying here. It was either that or the fact that her husband fears the Minnesota winter.



    (i will yell at you every time you broach this subject)

  17. It really could be much, much worse. You could, say, move to some God Forsaken town and NOT meet anyone cool from blogging. It could happen.

  18. NC has taken a few of my friends as well. WTF is in NC?? I live in New Mexico… it’s lonely out here so when people move away it really really sucks! lol

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