Calling All Techies

I have a question for all you techies out there.

1) My laptop looks like it is getting a signal, yet I can’t go online or check my e-mail from there, and so far it seems to be working other places. 

2) My desktop seems to be working fine. Even with the router hooked up.

Do I need a new router? Or do you guys know of some super secret reset thing?



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  1. Matt’s Mac does the same things in our house sometimes. He turns off “Airport” for a few minutes then turns it back on. If that doesn’t work, we reset the router and cable modems and that usually does the trick.

  2. My Macbook does that too. I futz around a bit with Airport and try to skim off a neighbor’s wireless and eventually it works again.

    What kind of router do you have? I’m using D-link but maybe it’s time to take the Airport Extreme out of the box.

  3. J says to plug the laptop into the router and see if it works. If it does, then it could just be a wireless problem. Otherwise, something is wrong with the laptop configuration.

  4. Man, If I knew the first thing about wireless networks, I’d have a laptop that works & might actually blog once and awhile.

  5. Unplugging the power cord to my router for 30 seconds usually works for me.

  6. Like I always tell my wife and well…everyone: Unplug it and plug it back in. That’s always your best bet. Try that first. Modem, then router. Usually fixes the problem. If that’s not it than it’s a problem with the MTU size in the router. Let me know if resetting works or not.

  7. Is a Techie, like, one of those people who watches that crazy show with Mr. Spock?

  8. What Jason said generally works for me as well. And sometimes, it takes a couple of tries, but that’s probably more due the wiring in this place. (I’ve had continuing issues with our DSL ever since I switched from cable.)

  9. I’ve had luck correcting this problem just by restarting the laptop (MacBook).

  10. It’s probably the Dept. of Homeland Security monitoring devices that are screwing everything up. If Ian’s laser beam vision wasn’t such a risk to national security, you could blog from wherever you wanted to.

    Or it could be that all the crazy electrical signals from your body are interfering with your router, and you should try wrapping yourself in aluminum foil and then using your laptop. Please post pictures of this.

    Or you just need to reset your router, like everyone else said. (Who knew that happy hour on Fridays starts at 2?)

  11. Ummm, yeah, what Papa said.

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