My Friends Have Cool Friends

My Friends Have Cool Friends

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Check it out – Mike Ditka, Aunt Bob and Gale Sayers.

Clearly her job is cooler than mine. I bet neither of these guys spit zucchini on her yesterday. I mean – we didn’t discuss it, but I think it is safe to assume that they didn’t spit anything on her.

I personally cannot remember running across any hall-of-famers in my line of work, unless you count watching “SportsCenter” at nap-time.

Come to think of it – I get to watch “SportsCenter” at nap-time. Maybe my job isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. That is so stinkin’ cool.. I want cool friends with cool friends, that want to hang out with ME :o)

  2. I honestly tried to photoshop you into this photo, but couldn’t. (Your humongous hooters kept getting in the way. Or something.)

  3. What is the world coming to when Mommy at Work’s gotten so cool that she can’t even post her own cool photos on her own freaking blog?

  4. Where is the tequila?

  5. You have cool friends too. You have us 😉

  6. Ernie Banks almost “ran across” my wife in a golf cart. Does that count?

    I was going to give him a beat down, but he’s a hall of famer.

  7. I had Mike Ditka’s head in my lap one day. Well, the back of his plane seat was in my lap….the whole way from Chicago to Detroit for SuperBowl 40.

    But I didn’t get pictures.

    Damn. :-)

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