You May Want to Avert Your Eyes

Guess who dressed herself this morning?

Claudia nice outfit

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  1. Aww…she looks cute! seriously, you should see what my girls pick. I gave up fighting them on clothes a long time ago — as long as they are weather appropriate, whatever. My oldest has gone to school in a dress AND and skirt and wisely unpacked her suitcase for our week at the beach this summer and replaced it with her satin and taffeta party dresses (a fact I learned after we had arrived at the beach).

  2. Hey, it’s stripes, and more stripes. That totally matches if you think about it logically. No worries about the colors. And she looks happy and comfortable. That’s all you need. :)

  3. Hey, she looks better than I do.
    I dressed myself this morning, too.

  4. I think the white in both pieces pulls the whole look together. That and the strips…

  5. Only someone that cute could pull off that look.

  6. With beautiful eyes like that, nobody is going to be lookin at her outfit anyway!

  7. Ahhh Sarah… does she get that fashion sense from her mom?

  8. I’m guessing Claudia, but hoping you also dressed yourself this morning.

    When did she become a little girl??

  9. It is a good thing she is so cute.

    I get hits every single day from “peeing pants stories.”

    But I would vote for “Scarlet Johanson tits” or something spelled wrong like that. That way you would get the pervy bad spellers, which, I think, are probably a large portion of the population.

  10. I love it when they get this age & start doing it themselves :)

  11. That is definitely an interesting choice of pieces. :)

  12. she looks awesome.

    Stella Mcartney, take a back seat would ya?

  13. Stripes go with stripes, right?

  14. She’s so freaking cute. I’m ignoring the shorts. But the rest is adorable.

  15. Just wait until winter when there are layering options and tights! last year, Ella would get dressed for school with a turtleneck, TWO DRESSES and chaotic tights (the were from Denmark with CRAZY PATTERNS.) a T-shirt and shorts is tame. Just you wait.

  16. Hey who said you couldn’t wear strips and strips? Must of been the same person who said you couldn’t wear white after Larbor day!! She looks happy with her choice! Go Claudia!

  17. Best outfit ever. She’s already learned one of the cornerstone rules of fashion: hearts go with everything.

  18. Wait until she grows out of the mismatch part and begs to shop at the Limited Too. My daughter would spend more than I do on clothes if I let her (although I don’t spend much on clothes, so it would be pretty easy to spend more than me, but my point is that once they get the fashion thing, watch out!)

  19. Thank goodness it’s not just Raisin. Today she’s sporting a sleeveless flowered shirt (in 60 degree weather), striped purple yoga pants that are about 2 inches too short, and socks that have both stripes and flowers on them (I guess to tie the whole ensemble together?).

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