I’ve Got Another Confession to Make (Apologies to Mommy at Work)

Dear Mommy at Work,

You know how we played in the March Madness Wine Pool with you guys? The one where we bet wine instead of money? Right. Well, you know how Devra has owed you the bottle of wine since March because her slacker ass has been forgetting to give you the wine she has had at her house for nine months? And you know how Devra finally brought the wine* over here the other night?

I accidentally drank it.

Well, okay, it wasn’t exactly an accident. But I did drink it. And it was lovely. And now I owe you a bottle of wine. And twenty bucks from happy hour a couple of weeks ago. And five more bucks that Gabe borrowed from Pete when they went to happy hour. And if this fantasy football side bet goes the way it had been looking I’ll probably owe you a bottle of champagne come January.

So. Yeah. Sorry. I suck.

Cheers, Your Humble Servant,


*You could probably win back the wine – Devra is having a contest and giving some away.

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  1. Devra’s site won’t let me comment.. :(

    I was just going to go with some tit jokes anyway.. nothing too creative. *audible sigh*

  2. Your gonna review the wine, right?

    Just saying…. if you are going to commit crime, we may as well make the best of it :)

  3. I think blogger was having some issues, problem is now fixed! Sorry about that!

    You drank the wine “accidently”? How does that work exactly? Did you fall on it? Bump into it and have it spill into your mouth?

  4. Hey, that’s actually Lula’s wine! She won the damn pool (or at least a share of it). Oh man, she’s gonna be so pissed.

    I’m riding to the office with MAW right now, and she agrees, but says “That cash money? All mine.”

  5. Oh, and that’s ME to whom you’re gonna be owing the side bet champagne. Me!

  6. (I forgot to add my evil villian laugh to that last comment.)

  7. You owe her a bootle of wine?

    Dude, what the hell? How much is a BOOTLE? How much did you DRINK!?

    Edited so that it is spelled correctly. Smart Ass.

  8. No bottle Left Behind.

  9. YOU DRANK A BOOTLE’S WORTH OF WINE? No wonder your kids curse like long shoremen.

  10. Haha, accidentally drink a bootle of win? They must’ve slipped it to you when you weren’t looking right? 😀 That’s usually how I “accidentally” drink a bottle of whiskey 😀

  11. I hate it when I accidentally drink other peoples’ wine. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m never invited anywhere anymore…

  12. haha…. accidentally drank it. I’ll have to remember that one.

  13. You know God payed me back for mocking your TYPO by making me put one in the HEADLINE of yesterday’s post.

  14. Truth be told. I brought two bottles of wine over. So LMH and AWA may have probably cause. Just sayin.

  15. Now will some of you accidentally go enter our caption contest and win a bottle of your own before I accidentally send it to Sarah and she accidentally drinks it.

  16. Oh mah Gawd. I can’t comment because I’m laughing far too hard at the other comments.

    But if you want to come over, I’ll share my wine.

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