Ian’s Joke of the Day

Ian probably told his sister the following joke 37 times this morning:

“Bye bye! See you next… butt!”

“Hahahahhahahahahaha. Butt.”

(I really need to get a picture of me rolling my eyes for posts like this one.)

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  1. Snort. That’s funny stuff.

  2. And again another good thing about being deaf…when mine start this I will be able to turn of my implant and not hear the joke after its been told 30 times… then i can just nod and smile and go on with my life, letting them entertain themselves.

  3. Anything is funny with the word “butt” in it.

  4. He is SOOO related to you.

  5. Heh heh. He said “Butt.” Seriously, are the twins embracing the “Knock Knock” jokes yet? Those are great.

  6. I have the same sense of humor as Ian, my favorite part of Finding Nemo is when the kids dare Nemo to touch the butt. I crack up every time. Not to mention the Farting Preacher..

    hehe, I typed butt.

  7. Sounds like the jokes my 5 year old tells.

    Horribly not funny :)

  8. It would be funny the first 10 times…but after that it would start to lose a bit of its humor. Just a little bit though!

  9. Well the older kid version of this is this scene:

    Devra and 11 year old son walking thru a parking lot. “Hey mom?”
    Son points at vehicle,”Anal Explorer!”

  10. I never tell jokes because I can never remember them, but I think this one just might be a winner!

  11. I think there should be a kid’s comedy club. Just get Ian to tell this joke and for the finale, a joke with the punch line “stinky butt” and all the four year olds would be hysterical. I know my daughter would be.

    Two juice box minimum!

  12. Send him over here — PunditGirl likes nothing better than those kinds of “jokes!”

  13. Alison, I actually laughed out loud when I read the “stinky butt” part of your comment. Does that mean my sense of humor is stuck at age four?

    And the farting preacher movies? I still laugh until I’m crying, even after many viewings. If you haven’t seen them, you seriously owe it to yourself to go to youtube and search “farting preacher.” Oh, my.

    I am actually looking forward to the stupid potty-humor jokes…but I’m sure they do get tiresome after a while.

    – L

  14. I want to know how to get that giant columbian ad on my site?!

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