Randomness Part 89

Mr. Potato Head was caught smuggling ecstasy. I knew there was something fishy about that guy.Mr. potato head

Check out this Bossy Loves Dooce video. I love Bossy. She doesn’t treat me like a snowman.

I also love Karen and Ali. They both nominated my post about my huge pagina for the ROFL award for September.

Creative-Type Dad wants to outsource potty training. So do I.

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  1. OMG! I forgot to post about it and I don’t have time now because the people across the street are coming to look at our stupid house and I have to clean it. I’m sorry Sarah! But I DID LOVE that post almost as much as I love you!!!!!


  2. Potato better watch out. Look what they did to barbie: http://www.theonion.com/content/news/chinese_authorities_execute_10

  3. Potato Head is smuggling X in his rear compartment? The eqivalent of his ass?

    Isn’t that the first place you would look? I mean, really. What a tuber-for-brains.

  4. I knew Mr. Potatohead was up to no good. Knew it. Hope the bastard gets mashed.

  5. Not Mr. Head! Is there nothing sacred?

  6. That Mr. Potatohead picture is really funny. I once snorted meth with Mr. P for three days straight in an abandoned Mattel warehouse until the cops came and we ran for it. I guess he finally got busted.

  7. Oh how the mighty have fallen… But I’ve heard that ever since Mr P got passed over for that part in Point Break in favor of Patrick Swazye (sp?) he was never been the same.

  8. I can see that. I use to hide all sorts of stuff in Mr.P’s butt.

  9. HEY!! I nominated you, too. Yeesh. Can’t a stapler get no respect?

  10. Just today I was putting a Mr. Potato Head away and I realized that the spoke of the ear was sticking out the slit for the feet – My Mr. Potato Head (Darth Vader version) comes with a penis.

  11. OOPS SORRY. That was Smashboard Sunday. But still.

  12. I do potty training — but you’d have to come root for the Colts and I doubt that’ll happen EVER. 😉

    Seriously, I heard a suggestion today — about the time you know they’re ready to drop a load, sit them on the toilet backward (facing the raised lid) and tape a picture on there for them to color. Leave them there until the deed is done. (The mom who did this has 5 boys & 1 girl, including triplets in there somewhere.)

  13. i also forgot to let you know that i nominated…my parents are here and my life is hell…

    but that post was fuckin’ hilarious.

  14. I used the Azrin-Foxx “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day” method. It is founded around the idea that children have the basic skills to know when and how to go and focuses on those skills and on the other issues going on with potty-training as the child takes on more independence. I really did have our daughter 99% toilet trained in one (very intense) day. My wife says I should be outsourcing myself to help others, but it’s really not hard if you are committed (and I don’t mean mental hospital “committed” either, even though that’s sometimes temping with potty training, I think). I’d recommend looking at the reader reviews on Amazon.

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