The Trick is to Bribe Them With Candy

I Bribed them to Smile Like This

Originally uploaded by Sarah606

I took about 60 bad pictures and finally I said “If you both smile nicely at the camera, I will give you each a piece of candy.”

They can be quite charming when it comes to getting things that they want.

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  1. Very cute. Very good to know about the candy. I’ve been trying for weeks to get my nieces to take a nice picture.

  2. It’s the only reason Edan takes naps.

  3. Man, you are SO smart! I’m using that one!

  4. OH
    Claudia looks like you.


  5. That is a truly lovely photo.
    Thank goodness for digital cameras and candy.

  6. Mine are just hitting a year and they are getting that whole we will be charming if you give us something thing figured out already.

  7. They’re so cute! And they look so sweet smiling together too.

    Isn’t it amazing how far the promise of a little candy can get you sometimes?

  8. And so worth it!! So cute!!

  9. Whatever works!

  10. I do that too on special occasions, like Halloween, when I want a good picture.

    It’s “positive reinforcement”!

  11. awesome. They are stunning.

  12. I’m going to do that tonight. I don’t have any kids but have a hard time getting a nice photo of my husband. I’m going try your trick tonight. (I may not use candy as the bribe but it is the same idea, no?)

  13. Hehehe…I need to remember that little trick.

  14. Now do they expect candy every time you take a picture of them?

  15. I have had to use the candy bribe system before.

  16. Ah, now I now why you kids look so sweet in their pictures.

  17. Nothing wrong with learning the proper times and reasons for a good bribe. Candy is the only reason my children eat anything green today! I guess it all balances out.

  18. It’s not a bribe if you give it to them AFTER they perform required task, action, behavior. It’s a REWARD! A bribe is something you give them BEFORE said task, action, behavior. A reward is something they get for having done said task, action, behavior as requested/demanded/ordered. At least that’s what I call it at my house when I want one of my triplets to do/be something. A Reward. And it works, too. 😉

  19. i love bribery.

  20. Wow, children who can smile without horrible squinty-eyes or looking like they are demented. I am SO impressed!

  21. In my house, the bribe that works the best is Dippin’ Dots ice cream. Although in honesty, my kids are total hams so smiles in pictures aren’t generally a problem! :)

  22. How cute!!!!!!!!

  23. Aren’t you worried that you are sending the wrong message to your children — that candy is the answer to all of life’s problems?

  24. so cute.

  25. what adorable smiles – if only my son was eating solids, then perhaps I could try the candy trick – although would a four month old undertsand?? perhaps not. Still , one trick to remember for the future!

  26. Bribery is how things work in our house, too.

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