I Pay Up

So Gidge and I had this bet on the Bucs/Colts game. The person who supports the losing team has to write a post in praise of the winner.

Actually we both had to write a post. The person who is a fan of the winning team will post their essay inserting the name of a random person (chosen by Lumpyhead’s Mom who came up with the idea) where the losers name should appear.

I grew up in Tampa and I am a huge Bucs fan and Gidge is from Indianapolis.

If you watched the game you can see where this is going. I’ll be saying several nice things about Gidge starting now:

1) Gidge looks great in a Bucs jersey. Here is a picture that someone took of us at a preseason game two years ago. She scored sweet suite (you like that?) tickets from her old job and she invited me so,

2) Gidge has cool friends.

3) If it weren’t for Gidge and Becky. I honestly don’t think I would have stayed sane in my first year having twins. I needed their friendship more than you could even imagine. Just having friends that are going through the same thing that you are can make all of the difference in the world.

4) This is more of a list than an essay, isn’t it?

5) Gidge makes terribly handsome (and tall) children.

6) Okay, in all honesty, I love her in real life. She is really fun to hang out with. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend going drinking with Gidge.

So yeah, that game sucked.

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  1. You call that an essay of praise?

    I think you can do better than that.

  2. I want to go drinking with Gidge, too! (sorry, Sarah, but can YOU get suite tickets? Didn’t think so.)

  3. Oh, bummer for you! But you are a good sport for paying up!

  4. Gidge’s post should be about . .

    Jon Gruden.

    And, dude, I’m with Matthew. This post falls far short of my expectations. I thought I would read flowery prose of sweetnees and light. Instead I got pictures of you and Gidge with kickass football tickets.

    And you’re not even visibly drunk.

    Let’s see what Bridgette comes up with. If her post is fantastic, I think you should have to write another post extolling the virtues of Peyton Manning.

  5. I agree with LHM. (Then again, I agree with her about many things.) This post needed more Peyton and less Bucs.

    Now I think I need to wash my hands for even typing that.

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