Trashmouth Jr.

I recently revealed to you people that my son has a potty mouth.

Since I think we are all fairly clear that he gets this from his mother I have really tried to clean up my language around the kids.

I’m just not that good at it.

I say this because of two separate incidents today. First of all, and this was about 30 seconds ago, the kids and I are all sitting in the office. I was looking up a recipe for quiche with gruyere cheese in it (No, I really was. I’ve made one before and it was really good and I’m making one tonight.) and the kids were looking at pictures of themselves.

So Claudia is narrating the photo album.  In this picture Ian is crying but I was happy because Grandpa was holding me. Oh, we were such cute babies. To which her brother replied. Damn right!


This happened only a few hours after upon overhearing me call someone in the airport drop off lane a jackass he repeated the term about 40 times.

As a bonus, I was talking to my mom on the phone earlier and I was telling her the jackass story. Ian snuck up behind me, heard the whole thing and said ‘jackass’ at least twelve more times. It is a good thing that I learned all of my bad words from my mom, because I’m pretty sure that she could hear him saying it.

It was tough to tell with all of the laughing.

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  1. I’m sure Zoe will be saying some lovely things soon enough. Right now, it’s enough that whenever someone says the word “pain” Zoe announces… “Pain in the butt!” Wonder where she got that? lol

  2. That’s funny! And I can totally relate!

    My younger brother’s middle name starts with a D, and for the longest time when he was little he swore his name was actually “Jason DAMNIT”. :)

    My mother was mortified.

  3. Well, Shortman is so old now, I no longer have to watch my language around him…but he tells me to “watch my mouth”.


    My response is usually something along the lines of “And don’t tell me you’ve never heard it before”

  4. I will fucking love you forever if you post that recipe, you gorgeous bitch.

  5. Hey Jackass can be a very useful term later in life. He’ll appreciate you for it. 😉

    p.s. that quiche sounds awesome

  6. jackass is an animal term. when used properly, its fun to say. when its just an expletive.. well.. i’ll let you be the judge of that. i did make my lil sis in law giggle. she;s turning 14. by going. jackass jackass. its a proper word so you can say it all you want. jackass jackass.. you get the point. isn’t naivite naivete..–being naive great?

  7. I met your mom and I find it HARD TO BELIEVE That SAINT ever swore.
    I am SHOCKED that you would WRITE SUCH A THING.


  8. I know I should be more sympathetic. But HA! Fucking hilarious.

  9. On the upside (?) you (and your kids) are in GREAT company. Damn is a fave here, too.

    Using My Words

  10. Well as long as he’s using them in the proper context.

    Ah parenthood…our parents’ best revenge.

  11. It really is hard not to laugh. He sounds like a grandpa himself during the photo scene. More power to you for trying to correct one of your habits for the good of the kids. This weekend my kids learned that daddy had to be driven home from his 25th highschool reunion. They figure out our screw ups at any age.

  12. My oldest son came home from Kindergarten one day and went like this…”HeyMomIsThisABadWordFuck?”….really really fast. Like if he said it fast and it was a bad word, he wouldn’t be in as much trouble.

    Needless to say, I almost pissed myself when my 5-year old dropped the F bomb.

    Where did he learn it?

    On the bus.


  13. I’m guilty of the potty mouth too. Damn has been heard from little mouths around here. Shit too.

    Hey, Jackass IS an animal, not necessarily a cuss word. 😛

  14. We’re just trying to teach Kiddo that body words are not bad words. She hasn’t started to curse… yet.

    The more time she spends around my stepfather (who still uses swears like new toys) the more I’m amazed she’s as clean as she is.

  15. that is hilarious! Please post or email me that recipe. I am in the 2nd trimester and the vomitting has eased and the appetite is back. You wouldn’t deny a pregnant woman a gruyere cheese quiche recipe would you?

  16. Well, the driver at the airport WAS a jackass. Just sayin’ …

  17. Oh too funny! I also have to really watch in front of Shark Boy. I’ve had to master a quietly muttered “assface” for stupid drivers on our morning commute to school.

    Thanks for peeing on my blog. Better late then never, I always say to my husband (he’s always late, not me).

  18. I remember arguing with a teaher in school who didn’t want me to use words like Crap and Pissed in her classroom. “Those aren’t bad words,” I kept thinking, “I learned them from Carol!”

  19. Oh yes, when another car would get anywhere near ours, my then-2 year old would shout, “Jackass!” (“Dackats!”) Mommy has road rage AND a potty mouth! Somehow though, with all the four letter words I spew (Mommy is also quite clumsy!) he has yet to repeat one. It wouldn’t really bother me though–I’ll take “shit” over “stupid” anyday.

  20. Mmm….quiche with gruyere.

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