Netflix Has Lost Its Mind

Netflix Has Lost Its Mind                   Originally uploaded by Sarah606

Honestly Netflix, just because I like “Cliff ‘Em All” and “Talking Words Factory” does not mean I want to watch a two disc series on Joe Satriani.

Hey you. Yeah you, the one snickering at me. Metallica was still good when “Cliff ‘Em All” was recorded, and “Leapfrog’s Talking Word Factory” rules. You can just stop your laughing now. 

Hell, I clicked “not interested’.

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  1. I often wonder how Netflix comes up with it’s recommendations. And, you’re a bigger person than I am. I’m not showing anyone the movies I tell Netflix I “enjoy”. lol

  2. Hey now. Don’t be dissing Satriani. He’s a guitar god. He was the devil’s guitar man in “Crossroads”. He played with David Lee Roth. My God, why do I know all this?

  3. I sometimes put old black-and-white movies in my queue for my dad. So once in a while, I get recommendations like, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in “Swing Time” or Cary Grand and Katharine Hepburn in “Bringing Up Baby.”

  4. Just telling you now…Poison: Nothing But a Good Time! Unauthorized sucked.

    Or as Ian would say “was a pile of freaking shit.”

  5. Frank Sucks says:

    That’s because you own it, fess up.

  6. Hey now! Old Metallica was awesome, but Satriani is great too! “Satch” is well worth a listen!

    Actually, it was Steve Vai in “Crossroads” and who played with David Lee Roth in the late ’80s. Satriani toured Australia & Japan with Mick Jagger back around that same time.

  7. Ummm….what?

    Does it make me old if I say I like Satriani, or did, way back when? Like, in college? When his debut was *The* Make Out album? Oh my god I said album, as in vinyl record.

    I am so effing old.

    Using My Words

  8. That is beautiful

  9. Oh my gosh that is some suggestion. I am ashamed that I even know who that it is, I have that episode of “The King of the Hill” to thank for that.

  10. Can’t focus on the Netlix recommendations right now. Too busy refreshing to see when my video is going to show up in there inventory so they will send me another one. The mail really has been snaily the last couple weeks.

  11. No snickering here, Cliff Burton was the shit.

  12. LOL!

    I’m just trying to figure out how Metallica + LeapFrog = Joe Satriani.

  13. Dude. Satriani’s awesome.

  14. Cliff ‘Em All . . . outstanding, Red Team. Although I didn’t peg you for a Metallica fan, I’m glad to hear it. That makes choosing a concert to go to with Steve so much easier–any one of those big hair, black t-shirts festivals should do it.

  15. The Lady doth protest too much. You want to watch it, maybe not as much as you wanted to watch Leapfrog, but admit it. You likey.

  16. Wait…I thought EVERYONE who liked LeapFrog movies also loved Joe Satriani.

    …or is that just me? I usually order my educational DVD kids movies with the “Heavy Metal Instrumental” extras packages.

    Next LeapFrog movie:

    The Talking Killer Riff Factory

  17. Trawling through old posts. I love this one.

    I just wrote a similarly inspired entry:

    “Why is it that my interest in “The Sopranos” on Netflix has prompted them to recommend “Touched By An Angel”?

    Do people get whacked in that show?”

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