Seven More Things

Well, I haven’t quite finished the book (Shut up. It’s a long book.), but since I was tagged, and since I love Kaleigh I thought I would tell you seven more random/strange things about myself.

Assuming you care:

1) I am obsessed with checking the search terms that bring people to my blog. Yesterday I got a hit for ‘my vagina is huge!’ and I shot beer out of my nose when I read it.

2) Speaking of obsessions, I think I spend more time than is healthy messing around in my Netflix queue. Right now I have 483 movies in there. I could belong to Netflix for 20 years and never watch them all.

3) My daughter informed me today that her children, my grandchildren,  were going to be bad kids. Great.

4) I can’t stand Eric Bana. I don’t know why.

5) I am currently mad at the Palm people. I bought a new Palm Pilot in February. I read most of my books this way and I also play hours of Scrabble, Monopoly and solitaire on it because I can’t sit still and watch tv, but I love to watch tv. My palm has a dead spot in the upper right hand corner. This means that I can’t play the sudoku I downloaded because I can’t use the number 2. Anyway, I called the Palm people and even though I registered it and everything they want $150 to fix it.  $150!!! A new one costs $199. Bastards.

6) I took this quiz to see which candidate I should support and it said I have the most in common with Bill Richardson. Who knew? I also share a lot of views with Joe Biden, Mike Gravel and Rudy Giuliani*. I’ve didn’t even know Mike Gravel was running for president**. It also appears that Tom Tancredo and I would probably not get along very well.

7) I rarely tag people for memes anymore because I am afraid I will either offend someone by tagging them or offend them by not tagging them. I know – it doesn’t make a bit of sense.

Stay tuned. I am still trying to come up with an idea for my next contest (since I actually have prizes). I will have an update on the current contest, and maybe even pictures of Claudia’s new haircut. 

* Does anyone else find it odd that spellcheck does not like the word blog, but it is fine with the word Giuliani?

** Okay, let’s be honest. I’ve never heard of Mike Gravel before today.

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  1. I’m feeling very loved now!

  2. Don’t feel bad Sarah, not even Mike Gravel’s family knew he was running…

  3. Did you tell Claudia that your bad grandchildren will be her problem and not yours? That one is just too funny to me.

    483 movies? Sheesh woman. I have 84 and I’m not sure I’ll ever get to all of those.

  4. Mike Gravel must be running the quietest campaign ever.

  5. De in D.C. says:

    My top match was also Bill Richardson, which didn’t surprise me at all (he’s been my top candidate for a while). John Edwards was #2, and Tom and I definitely wouldn’t get along either 😉

  6. I thought I was bad with 200 movies in my queue. It’s going to take me a hundred years to get through them.

    I heard part of a speech by Bill Richardson on the radio a while ago and really liked the way he talked. Too bad he’s never going to be president.

  7. You forgot, “I like a big-ass breakfast at BlogHer conventions.”

  8. Mike Gravel was mentioned in the Gonzo’s book about the 1972 campaign. Yeah. He’s been around THAT long.

  9. LOL at Claudia and her kids.

    As for Netflix, we all have our eccentricities. :)

  10. Don’t feel bad that you didn’t know who Mike Gravel was and that he was running, go get to know him. He needs as much help as he can get from supporters to make up for where the mainstream media has left off. He’s the reason we don’t have a draft today among many other pretty wonderful things. His main platform issue is the National Initiative for Democracy, it would empower the People as a fourth branch of the government and provide checks and balances that seem to be missing today. If you are tired of politics as usual and want REAL change Mike’s your guy. PEACE

  11. I am glad to see that I am not the only one obsessed with search terms that bring people to my blog. My favorite one recently was “pregnancy wardrobe malfunction.” I also get alot of ones that seem to be looking for pictures of poop. And now that I wrote that in your comments…you probably will too! Sorry.

  12. I got Mike Gravel too. It is easy to take strong positions when you are waaay behind. Get out front like Hilary and then you can’t even say whether you like the Yankees/Mets (I can’t remember) or Cubs better.

  13. So Keisha and Mamia were misbehaving, or was Claudia predicting that her future offspring will be trouble? Apple. . .not far from tree. . .yada yada yada.

  14. I am not american, but did the quiz anyway. Apparently I should vote for Kucinich. Richardson was second, then a three way tie with Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. I always thought I would be a hard-line democrat if I was american. Apparently only maybe. Very interesting. And very frustrating that all three democrats had the same score.

    I also didn’t get along with Tom. I wonder who does.

  15. the quiz was great…i’m hoping you don’t mind if i link it on my blog, too.

  16. MathleteSarah says:

    Palm Suggestion: Have you tried to reset it. Where you erase everything and then restart it. You will then have to reinstall all of your games, but it is cheaper than $150.
    I had this same problem with my palm and this worked and has continued working for two years. I have a much older palm.
    Take the stylus and poke the hole in the back, then press the on button hold this until the screen turns black and then the palm sign comes up (very technical here). If I remember correctly you then have reinstall all your stuff, but hopefully your screen will work.

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