Love Your Body Day

I know today is supposed to be Love Your Body Day, but I am here to tell you that I don’t love my body.

I am mad at myself for gaining back all of the weight I lost last year, and then gained back, and then lost most of, and then gained back again. I am mad at myself for not being able to exercise any form of (what Devra refers to as) pie hole control. 

I’m not fishing for compliments. In fact I don’t want any. All I ask of you is the name and phone number of a doctor in the D.C. Metro Area who will prescribe me some Fen-Phen, or some other miracle drug.

Thank you for your assistance.

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  1. oh isn’t today great! please love your body just for today – love your body for the life it brought into the world – to hold on through those weeks of hellish bed rest, to nourish and comfort your precious babies. mamas have the BEST BODIES! love ya sarah

  2. Dude you get the name of the doctor and then we can go find him in an alley somewhere and “convince” him to write the prescription.

  3. Are you sure “Love Your Body Day” doesn’t mean masturbate? I hope it does, otherwise I’ve missed the celebration.

  4. How does one find out about these kinds of holidays? I had no idea I was supposed to be loving my body today. Damn, I’ve already missed out on half of it.

    I’d say I should spend the rest of the day loving my body extra hard, but after patois’ comment, that sounds so dirty.

  5. I have a mini Snickers I can give you. Close enough?

  6. Love Your Body Day? Is there a card for that?

  7. Will you share that number when you get it? I have pie hole problems too (as I wolf down my Quiznos as I type…)

  8. Dude, crack totally works. And there’s tons of that in the DC area. Just ask Marion Barry.

    By the way, when I did a google image search for crack is wack I got pics of both Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston on the first page. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

  9. I don’t love my body today either, for many reasons. One being the weight gain, another would be the back pain.

  10. Why not try for another baby? Remember how well you and I both did well on the “pregnancy diet”. I averaged a loss of about 5 lbs a months until week 16 at least.
    You just have to remember it is very temporary because you will then quickly throw on another 20-40 lbs unless you want to go have twins again in which case you end up in the hospital for the last two months bedridden. Ok, maybe it isn’t a good idea afterall! 😉 Seriously severe morning sickness is the only time I seem to lose weight.

  11. I’ll be celebrating this day tomorrow. And someone else will be lovin’ my body. Yes, in THAT way and I can’t wait.

    Sorry you’re having a poo-ey day Sarah. :(

  12. Um…Does drinking wine count as participating in loving your body day?

    And I’m with you – I totally think that fen-phen should be brought back. What’s a little risk for weight loss?

  13. I am glad I didn’t know it was love my body day because these days I’m not even loving my toenails which are in desperate need of some attention and 2 coats of OPI Malaga Wine.

  14. Not having a body of my own to love,I tried to celebrate but the people at the morgue would have none of it. I was utterly dumbfounded. Maybe if I had called first and not just shown up with the bouquet of red roses and box of Godiva they would have been more open to the idea.

  15. Plus, if you look at the BlogLog widget, I have a tree to love. I have no body!

  16. Check out our YAY Scales! They will make you smile…and the pledge and try to be kind to yourself..

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