Randomness Part 90

Remember how I lost that bet with Gidge? You have got to go read what happens when you win that bet. My favorite line from the post is: “People who don’t like Biz Markie, are not really people worth spending any time with.”

My favorite headline this week (by far) is Mystery Underwear Stymies Guantanamo Investigators.

Question: Has anyone won any real prizes on winzy? I win points all of the time, but I’ve never won an actual prize.

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  1. “(It) sounds funny until a guy is hanging at the end of a Speedo drawstring,” McCarthy told journalists visiting the base.

    Officials said they were also concerned by the security breaches the incident exposed.(emphasis mine)

    “breaches the incident exposed.”


    Ha ha.

    (wipes tear)

  2. I can already see Speedos’ next ad campaign:

    “Tight enough to see your package, strong enough to be a noose.”

  3. Smuggling underwear. Or Speedos. Who’da thunk?

  4. I never win real prizes either. It’s bull. I thought it was going to be cool. I was wrong!

  5. How many Speedos could you cram up your ass if you were smuggling them across the border?

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