Claudia’s Posh Spice Impression

Claudia’s Posh Impression

Originally uploaded by Sarah606

Really, she is wearing safety goggles, but doesn’t it look like Claudia is doing her best Victoria Beckham impression?

As you can see by Ian’s tool belt, they were on their way to fix something.

In this particular case, that meant hammering the crap out of our table.

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  1. If Ian’s hair was just a little shorter he could pass for Beckham. Get out the red carpet.

  2. Great haircut. I think they should go as the Beckhams for Halloween.
    Noodle is going as Arwen (her choice).

  3. Hey, safety and style. That kid’s got it all.

  4. sarah, i can’t tell from this photo but is the left side of her hair cut really short? send more pics!

  5. I’m afraid she might hurt me! 😉

  6. Posh and I share a birthday.

    Fun fact of the day. Carry on about your business.

  7. They are the bomb!

  8. That is funny! Cute kiddos!

  9. Sassy hair! Love it.

  10. Cute pics! But it’s the attitude in the pic that gets me….

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