Customer Service is Dead in the Airline Industry

I posted this a while back on DC Metro Moms Blog but since I am still mad at Spirit Airlines I thought I would publish it here too.

I mean, it is either this, or I can tell you the story about how Ian barfed in my hand (again) yesterday.


Dear Spirit Airlines,

I don’t even know enough bad words to properly express how I feel about your customer service.* Honestly. Why even bother having a customer service phone number if you are unable to even deal with something as simple as seat assignments?

Also, what kind of airline makes someone pay extra money for checking one bag?

I have just added you to a growing list of airlines that have pissed me off this year. You are right behind U.S. Air and American Airlines when it comes to terrible customer service and airlines I will go out of my way not to fly.

Is customer service dead in the airline industry? If I can’t pre-board with my children, and I can’t sit with them and there are rules against unaccompanied minors, then who is going to care for them? Is babysitting included in the $264 I paid for each of their tickets? I mean if checking ONE MEASLY BAG isn’t included, what is?

Attention all other airlines: I have been traveling quite a bit. Who wants my money? I can fly out of Reagan National or Dulles. All I want is a little bit of help when I need it.

I’m not just talking trash either. I was shopping with Devra today and she had to return something at Nordstrom. The people we so nice! They took care of her exchange and went out of their way to make sure she was happy and got what she wanted. You can be sure I will be shopping in their store again.

So, Spirit, why can’t your customer service representatives be helpful? Do you honestly pay some one $7 – $10 per hour just to say they are sorry and that they can’t do anything for me?

I don’t know about the rest of the people out there that fly, but I am getting sick of the crappy treatment I am getting from the airlines.

And I am not afraid to write about it.

Suck it



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

* And believe you me. I know a lot of bad words.

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  1. fly Midwest Airlines ~ they fly out of Washington National and Baltimore and they treat their passengers really well : ) I do not work for them, but I am one of their frequent flyers.

  2. Dude, you have the worst airline karma of anyone. Of course, I almost never fly with my kid so maybe that is it.

    A friend of ours takes the train everywhere now – even home to Iowa, which is a ridiculously long trip – because he so hates the airline industry. Now that is commitment.

    I like America West. United is okay. Delta is okay. Continental is alright.

  3. You do know a lot of bad words & I’m impressed that you didn’t use them. I know you wanted to.

  4. Two words for you: jet blue. 8 destinations nonstop from Dulles, plus dozens more connecting through JFK, which really isn’t as horrid as it sounds, since the JetBlue terminal at JFK has good food options, a sports bar with 20 beers on tap, and free wifi.

  5. I like Delta a lot. I can’t imagine such horrible airline service.

  6. Just wanted to throw in my two cents for whatever they are worth. I used to be a travel agent and we had complaints about ALL airlines, but the ones we had the best results with were Jet Blue and SouthWest. Southwest is STILL letting you check 3 bags (from last time I flew them a few months ago at least) and they couldn’t be nicer. They are my first choice in flying. Jet Blue is super nice too.

    Continental and Delta (Delta gives my brother in the ARMY half price tickets) aren’t bad, but I will not absolutely will not fly American Airlines. (Unless they are the least expensive by more than $100 – a girl has to have her limits!)

    Also, joining their frequent flyer programs seems to help a tiny bit. I’m not saying it will move mountains, but they seem “smilier” to talk to memebers with point in their accounts.

    Good luck!

  7. Denise A. says:

    I hear you! Flying used to be fun, I always wanted to take as long a flight as I could. Now, I won’t even see my family across the country ’cause I don’t want to deal with the airlines. Next long trip, I’m taking an AMTRAK train. It’s worth it, especially if you have kids. They can get up and move around, not like on a plane.
    If people would take time to relax and not be in such a hurry, they would find that trains are the way to go.

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