Claudia’s Set List

Claudia just performed a recital for me. It wasn’t a Capella, she had one maraca.

Claudia’s Set Listthree-set-lists

1 – The Wheels on the Bus

2 – Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

3 – Shout at the Devil*

She has really started mixing up her genres. I hope she doesn’t end up alienating her core audience. I’d hate for her fans to think she sold out.


This post is entirely true, but the picture was inspired when I was cleaning and found these other set lists that I kept from high school, because I am such a dork so rock n roll. Extra points for anyone who can name the bands who these set lists belong to.

*I don’t know. Maybe that last one was an encore. She got distracted when Dora the Explorer came on tv.

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  1. Death Angel, Claudia, & Slayer (I’m guessing on the last one). I bet Ritch would guess them all.

  2. You c an call me, 'Sir' says:

    I believe her final choice is ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears. That’s awesome. Usually, one needs to be at least a teenager to really appreciate the 80s pop angst inherent in a Tears for Fears song.

  3. I bet that will fetch a small fortune someday on ebay.

  4. Is Claudia also playing Guitar Hero II, because that song is first on the playlist I think.

  5. That rocks, pun intended.

    I know XTC. Is that worth one point of cool? LOL

    Using My Words

  6. You are too much! I’m knocked out by the versatility and artistic integration. This woman has a future — I used to cover rock music so I know! I just wish I’d been there to see it – what a treat! OH and the Posh pic is just adorable. Just like mom is…..

  7. Hannah Montana’s got NOTHING on her!

  8. Quick! Move into your van! So someday while onstage she’ll have a funny little story to tell between songs!

  9. Next time we’re together, you’d better let her call me on my cell.

  10. You need to capitalize on her cuteness. Seriously. Your kids are adorable.

  11. If you want dork, I mean rock ‘n’ roll, I had a little book that I took to concerts specifically for set lists. Not sure that I could locate it now though.

    I do love me some Shout at the Devil after Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. That’s a nice transistion musically.

  12. Dude, you had songs called “Tyranny” and “Disembodied?” Your so PUNK ROCK!

  13. Could it be Roadkill? Resurrection? FarCry???Heheh. Any points?

  14. Wow. Claudia is die hard rock n’ roll! I have know idea who those set lists belong to!

  15. hmm. claudia with a maraca. was this her unplugged set?

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