Randomness Part 91

Quick – somebody find this laptop! A lifetime supply of beer could save me a lot of money in the long run. (Thanks Lori.)

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is airing its final season. I’m just surprised because I thought it went off of the air a long time ago. How does Ted Allen have time to do that show, Top Chef and Iron Chef? He writes books too! That guy is all over the place.

I still haven’t seen Titanic. Is that strange?

Since I can’t seem to win crap on winzy, and you’ve all already joined blingo (which, hurry up and search and win us something already, I’m only about $6 away from having enough money in amazon gift certificates to buy Guitar Hero III ) I’ve got a new one for you. LuckySearch. I haven’t actually won anything yet, but I just signed up today, and it keeps telling me I don’t have any friends and it is making me feel like a big loser.

Lori and I both feel guilty that we laughed when we read the headline: Elephants Electrocuted in Drunken Rampage.

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  1. Wait, what? You STILL haven’t seen Titanic? Dude, I’ve got that on VHS! I’m a watcher from back in the day.

    Add it to Netflix and get it over with. Seriously.

  2. Not strange at all. I’ve only seen bits and pieces. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Do you?

  3. Did you see the headline about wild monkeys killing a politician in India?

    And, wait. The elephants were drunk? What’s with the animals in India?

  4. I am only a 3 hour flight to New Zealand. Seems worth it, although I would expect more than 12 stubbies a month!

  5. You’re not missing anything having not seen Titanic. I saw it in the theater and it sucked.

  6. Queer Eye finished filming about a year and a half ago. What we’re watching now are old episodes, held back for broadcast.

  7. The only thing you might possibly be missing out on from not seeing “Titanic” is all the jokes made at its expense.

  8. A twelve-pack a month is decidedly not a lifetime supply of beer. Especially for you.

    I saw Titanic in the theater with MAW on New Years Day. She got seasick. Heh. (Hangover + front-row seats + wavy wavy plunge = spew. Funny.)

  9. I haven’t seen Titanic yet either!! Or any of the Harry Potter books or movies!!

    I’m such a rebel.

  10. Wait, what?


    Guitar Hero III…off I go…

  11. The boat sank. Some folks drowned. Now you know everything about the movie.

  12. yeah what NG said – oh and I got really pissed at the wussiness of the women in those movies – GROW A SPINE ALREADY!!! I watched Alfred’s “The Birds” this past weekend and kept getting so pissed at the prissy useless women..oh yeah lets faint, blocking the door – I’d have left her butt in the room with the birds eating her – so there!

    PS I signed up but it never asked me if you were my friend, I prob did something wrong.

  13. No kidding… I thought all the QE episodes had aired long ago…

  14. I do find it strange that you have never seen Titanic. But I haven’t ever seen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, so I guess maybe we’re even.

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