Randomness Part 92

You know what word doesn’t get used enough? Whoremonger.

I got a search hit the other day for “Joyce Carol Oates is fucking depressing”. Now, while I don’t think I ever wrote that (and having only read We Were the Mulvaneys) I am going to have to agree.

Do you need more information on what to do if you are attacked by monkeys? Thanks to Lori, I am no longer in the dark.

This is kind of old, but it still makes me laugh: Why I am better than your kids.

I can’t stop thinking about this Homer Simpson tatoo on this lady’s junk. ** NOT OKAY TO OPEN AT WORK**. (Lady is probably the wrong word, huh?) Do you think it is real or makeup? Gabe says it can’t be real because it only works from one angle. I think that is a good point.

One more and then I’ll go… stolen panties worth $200??? (Thanks Tiffer.)

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  1. Ok, I couldn’t look yesterday (was at work), but I have to guess it’s photoshopped. Based on Homer’s hair area where her butt crack is. You’d think she’d have to slightly lift her butt cheek or whatever to get it to line up just right for the shot, which she obviously isn’t having to do. It’s just too “perfect”. I vote fake.

  2. I am so not even going there, even at home. Just the sound of it is horrifying enough. Thanks for the visuals!

  3. That Homer tattoo could be the greatest use of a vagina I’ve ever seen. Although as a man I’d be concerned if it looked like Homer was giving me a….oh, I can’t go there…

  4. I got some really useful info out of this stuff. Do you ever go on to Homestar’s site? http://www.homestarrunner.com The guy who wrote the kid’s art work piece reminds me of one of Stongbad’s emails. My kids show me this stuff!

  5. I just can’t….get….myself….to….go….there!!!!

  6. I am at work so I won’t visit Homer.Thanks for the warning. The monkey article is sadly funny and I couldn’t visit the ‘I am better than your kids’ because the computers here have filters and it said the site was: Tasteless and offensive. I can’t wait to check them from home!

  7. Oh, Homer. That’s just WRONG. On so many levels.

  8. it can’t be real. it just can’t. because who? seriously? would get that?

  9. I am so glad that I’m not the only one who can’t get that image out of my brain. And I also vote fake.

  10. i sent the picture of the homer,um…thing, to my boyfriend.
    is that bad?

    i hope it’s not real, because then wouldn’t anyone who ever had sex with her feel like they were getting a b.j. from homer simpson?

  11. I love the word whoremonger. Neither whoremonger nor the word harlot are used nearly enough these days.

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