Ian Meets Sharpie

Ian Meets Sharpie

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It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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  1. Obviously it will just have to become part of his Halloween costume.

  2. At least it wasn’t Ian-meets-sharpie-meets-furniture. That actually happened to a friend of mine and my sharpies are still way way out of reach.

  3. Better then the walls..Floor..Furniture..Cat..You..his face or worse, his sister!

  4. Your title came up in the google reader and I feared for the worst (while laughing just a tiny bit). I agree with everyone else… it could have been worse. Or, are you not showing us other sharpie damage?

  5. Sharpie is a jerk.

  6. Damn those Sharpies. But I guess he could Trick or Treat as a leprechaun! 😉

  7. Ugh.

  8. halloween pics? come on. you’re killing me. post now please!

  9. Isabella met a sharpie too.
    all over my white down comforter.

  10. When my doofus youngest was looking for the really neat red pen I had, I knew it wouldn’t be too long. Great catch. At least it matches his shirt, right?

  11. That’s funny – although I have to agree, that is one of the least tragic places to discover a sharpie!

  12. Sarah-Us too! Except Kaitlyn got a hold of a RED one. By the time I caught her, she looked like she had just murdered someone. But much to my surprise, a Pampers Sensitive baby wipe got it right off of her face, and most of it off of her hands. Hopefully Ian isn’t still green-handed!

  13. When Jack met Sharpie he proceeded to draw all over the tv, the floor, and our antique doors.

    (Joe fell asleep when he was supposed to be watching him)

  14. This reminds me of when my twins were 3 and while I “slept in” (it was 5:30 am) my son colored both of his legs up to his knees purple and green. Eventually my older daughter (who was 5) came in to wake me up and when I asked him why he colored his legs, he said “I wanted to be a purple and green guy”. Duh!

    They also painted on the walls with chapstick while they were supposed to be napping. When I asked them why they did that, they told me there wasn’t a rule about that. You can bet there is a rule about that now!

    I laughed about both incidents, by the way because I am quite mature and parent like.

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