Avoid Squeezing the Meat

It Made Me Laugh

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I told you people I was immature.

I can’t even make a meatloaf like a grown up. When I make meatloaf it requires a highlighter and a camera.

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  1. I am going to print that out. And keep it in my bedside drawer where it might come in handy. “Sorry honey, I would… but Sarah told me to avoid squeezing the meat.”

  2. I would so love to squeeze me some meat. It has been so long that I think I have forgotten how.

  3. Too funny, kind of makes you wonder if they slipped the innuendo in on purpose.

    I just wrote a post for my cooking blog called please don’t squish the pancakes… What is it with people abusing their food?

  4. Meat squeezer.

  5. So did you give it a squeeze?

  6. I’m so 12. HAHA!

  7. Now I want to go squeeze some beef. Thanks.

    I am totally a 12 year-old boy mentally sometimes (that seemed to have started within the last year, right around the time I started reading your blog. Think there’s a connection?).

  8. Avoid it? What if you can’t? What if despite all of your best intentions it is utterly unavoidable. Then what happens? What happens if you are unable to avoid squeezing the meat? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?

  9. I swear to God this is true: When I lived in LA I found myself driving behind a meat company truck and they had the following slogan proudly painted in huge letters on the back of the truck:

    Nobody beats our meat!

  10. If it helps any, it made me giggle too. In fact, I tend to find things like that and get into a fit of laughter that nobody else thinks is funny but me. Oh, and for further laughs, I think I should avoid checking blogs before my 13 year old daughter leaves for school. She read it too, and giggled. Us girlies need help!

  11. I join the immature crowd. I actually have in certified, too, from the Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Profile. Its all official that I am immature. And I most certainly would have cracked up at that and taken a picture and posted it on the web.
    In fact, I found the weirdest product at the store Sunday and I cannot wait until Wednesday to post it! It is driving me crazy! You just would not believe what it is and what it can “do.”

  12. ‘kay but isn’t making meatloaf all about squeezing the beef!!??

    How do you not squeeze it!?

    What would be the point of meatloaf then!!!

  13. haha! that is wonderful!

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