Guilty: The ROFL Award for October

I am guilty of playing favorites. Not so much with my kids, but with bloggers.

I’ve been known to nominate my friends (my real life friends) for blog awards before. I know it seems like nepotism, but also I think it can also be chalked up to the fact that I hang out with these people for a good reason.

In Lumpyhead’s Moms case it because she cracks me up.

October07 ROFL award
So I am nominating her post – well, not even so much her post as much as I nominate her son’s Halloween costume for the ROFL award for October.

Lumpyhead was the best DJ Lance Rock EVER. And Kudos to LHM for making the costume. She is my hero and my friend.

And if you don’t know who DJ Lance Rock is clearly you don’t watch enough Yo Gabba Gabba.


For the rest of the October nominations go visit Chicky Chicky Baby or Metro Mama.

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  1. Great pick!!!! 😀

  2. Aw, thanks. If you still want to be DJ Lance next year, you can borrow Lumpyhead’s glasses, and I’ll make you a hat.

    You’re still on your own for the jumpsuit, though.

  3. That was a perfect nomination!

  4. Bossy’s husband is cleaning carpets today, so soon she’ll be able to be one of those people rolling on the floor laughing you hear about so much these days.

  5. That was a great costume & nomination!!!

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