It is a completely reasonable segue in my mind.

In The United States today is Election Day.

Obviously (if you are me anyway) I have had that Arcadia song stuck in my head all day.

This is the part of the post where you are going to have to pay attention in order to follow my train of thought. In 1985 Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor from Duran Duran formed a side group. This band was called Arcadia (John Taylor and Andy Taylor formed The Power Station with Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson*). Arcadia wrote the song “Election Day” which plays in my head on a continuous loop the first Tuesday of every November.

So I’ve been thinking about Duran Duran and something that has been bothering me for a couple years now.

I used to be a Durany (Duranee?). Yes, before I got into hair metal (and then Death Metal) I openly worshipped Duran Duran. The walls of my bedroom were covered with pictures of John Taylor that I ripped out of Tiger Beat.

Here is my point. I used to think that Duran Duran was super deep. (Cut me some slack, I was in the 6th grade.) Read these lyrics from “Last Chance on the Stairway”.

Funny it’s just like a scene out of Voltaire, twisting out of sight
‘Cause when all the curtains are pulled back
We’ll turn and see the circles we traced?
Ain’t no game… (oooh)
When you’re playing with fire
It doesn’t seem right that we fight
So the party runs on all night

And sometimes I’m caught in a landslide
My beat’s so in time can you look at me
I’m out of reach I’ll talk if it feels right
So nervous to say, tell me can’t you see
If you want I’ll fall out forever
I can’t say no more… babe dance with me
And please don’t say leave till later
I’ve had my last chance on the stairway.

Right. So as an adult that has actually read Voltaire I realize that this is pretty much garbage. And much like seeing that stupid reality show when Tommy Lee went to college this is cheapening my childhood. I want this song to mean something, but now all I get out of it is “babe dance with me”, I detest the word ain’t and crap, I wished I hadn’t wasted my time reading “Candide” because wasn’t it kind of a stupid book?

Fine. Now I am going to go vote to show my children what a responsible citizen I am all while feeling old and disillusioned. And you can look at this picture of John Taylor in a fedora.

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* Is it messed up that I didn’t need to look any of that up?

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  1. John Taylor in a fedora makes my eyes hurt. I want to grab a scissors and cut his bangs. Do I owe that urge to motherhood?

  2. I have the Powerstation album. ALBUM.

    I was always a John Taylor girl. Mmm mmm mmm. I think I saved a couple posters before putting up the GnR/Ozzy ones.

    Not sad at all that you knew that. When the doc suggested getting the boy screened for Fragile X, I looked at my husband and said OH I know about this!! Colin Farrell’s son has that! He looked at me like I was insane. Useless knowledge champ here.

  3. Simon LeBon has admitted that some of the band’s lyrics are meaningless. I think “Last Chance on the Stairway” is one of those songs that doesn’t really mean anything. I think he must have been coked up when he wrote it.

    (Speaking of Simon coked up, have you ever seen this concert video? Simon’s like a train wreck. I snort laughing whenever I see it:

    Despite their sometimes meaningless lyrics, I still do like Duran’s music. It perks me right up some days when I need a boost.

    I was a John Taylor girl too. He’s aged fairly well, but I think I’d go more for Simon these days.

  4. Forgot to say (now that I just watched it again) — the very best part of the Duran video with Simon is at the end when he ends up down on the ground. Classic!

  5. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    It took a lot guts to admit in an open forum to reading Tiger Beat. Even more to admit that you cut out the pictures and posted them on your wall.

    And now you have children…It might be for the best that they never discover mommy’s dark secret.

  6. I loved John my own self. And LHM, I do not want to cut his bangs when i see that, so it’s not motherhood. Then again, if it weren’t for Pete, Kate Hudson’s son Ryder might have nothin’ on the little guy.

  7. *Yes.

    And, wow. I thought Tiger Beat died after I hit high school. If it’s STILL around, I’m sure I don’t want to know.

  8. Is it sad that I know all that crap too? OK, then if it’s sad for me – it’s also sad for you!

    Duran Duran was my first concert (I was 12, 7th grade). We sometimes used to “miss the bus” home from school so we could walk home & stop at the store to buy Tiger Beat. By 8th grade they were replaced by Ozzy & Bon Jovi.

  9. You didn’t look any of it up huh? Well, at least you now want it to have had meaning. And you vote! So way to go! Tiger Beat – haha. Never read it myself…

  10. Well, your memory is WAY better than mine. I would have had to research all of those things and I, too, loved Duran Duran and read Tiger Beat. (I just didn’t remember any of it until you mention it.)

  11. Tiger Beat I read for the stories about Scott Baio while leafing thru making tsk tsk sounds about that loser Shaun Cassidy.

    Yes it is brave for Sarah to admit her innermost feelings for Duran Duran, but I understand oddities of the heart. My first crush on a famouse person was on Chuck Scarborough, the anchor on NewsCenter4 New York. I have no idea why and don’t know to this day how to explain it.

  12. At the height of my D2 obsession I had 206 posters and magazine pages of the Fab Five plastered all over my walls (including several of those giant ones). I would have died to meet John, he was (and is) totally my favorite of all of them. (anybody else remember the single he did for 9 1/2 Weeks?)

    And yes, Tiger Beat is still around. mk

  13. My 8 year old step son said in the car the other day, “BB, I think Duran Duran is AWESOME”.. A tear formed in my eye I was SO excited. Since he told me this I’ve shown him the Hungry Like A Wolf video. He commented that the production sucked and couldn’t understand why the quality wasn’t better. I tried to explain the 80’s and videos…he’ll get it eventually.

    I saw Duran Duran in concert in the early 80’s. OMG..John in person!! I was SUCH a John Taylor freak and my BFF was in love with Simon.

    This was the end of my Tiger Beat faze though..I was SO into Rex Smith, Bruce Boxleitner and Parker I just showed my age.

  14. Frightening to say, but it took little translation to figure out of which group you were speaking. You were in 6th grade during the height of DD? Yike. I need another glass of wine.

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