Contest Update

Maybe you have been wondering how the contest is going. Maybe you haven’t. Hell, maybe you didn’t even realize that I was having a contest. Or maybe Andie D.mentioned that she hadn’t yet received her prize from the contest she won last month.


For those of you playing along at home I am having a contest to see who can come up with a phrase that will bring me the most hits. I’d like to mention right now that ham and Gruyere quiche, pee squad and onionbooty were not chosen, yet really seem to be areas of interest for people using the interweb.

Anyway, so far, Aliis kicking everyone else’s ass with ‘homer simpson vagina tattoo”. Tammy, Chase, Floreska, The Other Bear, Suburban Oblivion and Velocibadgergirl are all still in the running with (respectively) forces husband to wear panties, tig ol’ bitties, removing vongo, aunty’s breast milk, oblivion boobs and Kat Von D’s boobs.

You can see all of the entries here.

You still have time to participate in this contest, but the deadline is December 1st, so it better be a good one.

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  1. I cannot believe “Gorilla Poop No Bake Cookies” isn’t doing better.

  2. I got alot of google hits on my blog from
    dropped puppy
    dead baby in car

    Yeah..the morbid

    Little Boys Peeing


  3. Can I tell you something that will make you TOTALLY jealous??? Maddy is just about potty trained….How are the twins coming with that by the way??

    “Madwoman on a train” sounds like a good search term.

  4. Poon squad.

    It’s like naming a porno, just make a bad pun with the existing name.

    I doubt you will get any hits for it, but it’s funny.

  5. “mommy got milk”

  6. Sweet! Finally my tig ol’ bitties are getting me somewhere in life.

    (Besides landing me a super hot man, of course. Thanks, tig ol’ bitties!!)

  7. Dang…I thought for sure that Kat’s boobs could face off with a Homer Simpson ladybits tattoo.

    Live and learn, I guess!

  8. oh Lord, if I can’t figure this out I’m going to be really upset.. because I’ve been tracking this kind of sick, useless information for years (and actually sending weird hits back and forth with a friend via email).

    This is the most fun thingamajig I’ve ever read on a blog.. and it takes a lot to get me excited.

    oh my dear Lord, I’m being called to dinner. dejavu – okay Mom.

    I’m not making any sense, am I?

  9. All I need to do to win is to trick you into posting lots about aunty’s breast milk between now and the end of the month. Now, if only I could work out how…

  10. Here’s my entry:

    Jolie naked Pitt bull

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