Out of the Mouths of Babes

Me: Did somebody poop?

Claudia: No.

Me: Are you sure? I think I smell poop?

Claudia: No, that is just how I smell.


Ian: Can we please listen to “20 Eyes” again?

(God, I love these kids.)


Claudia: My babies were all in my uterus at the same time. Keisha’s head was here (pointing), Mamia’s head was here and Purple Baby’s head was here. It was dark in there, but they could hear me talk.


Gabe: It is time to get out of the bath tub.

Ian: No! Not yet!

Gabe: Let me see your hands.

Yes, they are pruny.

Ian: They were like that before my bath.

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  1. I just snorted orange juice over the first exchange.

    It really hurt, damn you. (and Claudia)

  2. Sadly, they don’t get any more profound as they age. Recently, when I was describing my teenager’s girlfriend to my husband, I told him she was brunette. My son looked up at me and said, “She’s not brunette. She’s got brown hair.”

    *sigh* He’s got to get it from his dad.

  3. Your kids are SO funny. Both of them. They are always on the make, aren’t they?

  4. Eau de Poop. I’m not seeing much of a market for it, unless we’re trying to sell it to dogs.

  5. These are awesome. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!

  6. Too funny!

  7. bwah ha ha ha ha

  8. You know – when they get to be Nine and you tell them they smell like poop, they don’t like it so much – even when you finally wrestle them down to show them that they have poop on their pants.

  9. Now, do you think Claudia will need therapy for that? You saying she smells like poop?

  10. I remember as a kid I had to be drug out of my grandma’s pool in the summer time and forced to eat. I was so proud of The Pruny. : )

  11. Hahahahahahahaha! That was, funny, sweet and cute all at once.
    Thanks for the giggle.

  12. Dude they are SO your kids.

    I don’t remember Claudia smelling like poop though, that must be new.

  13. So funny. I love hearing what your kids come up with.

  14. I love it when my kids stay in the bath long enough to get pruny. I’m battling with one to stay in long enough to get the poop smell out.

  15. Ha ha ha! I love those. The first reminds me of a time when Sweet Pea was falling asleep and told me, “this is the hole in my bum where the poop comes out.” “Do you have your hand down your diaper?” I asked her. “No,” was her reply. “I took it out.”

  16. too cute! my oldest son is 2.5, and he can say the funniest things sometimes…toddler speak is the best! :)

  17. OMG! Laughing so hard. They are too precious. What treasures you have!
    Thanks for sharing!

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