You’ll Never Guess What I am Doing Tonight

Tonight I am going to be part of

a panel discussion for a doctoral-level seminar on Work, Identity and Adult Development. Specifically, those mothers who decided to stop working temporarily or permanently after they had children. What we’re
interested in exploring is how identity changes during these

at George Washington University.*

That’s right. You heard me. I am an expert on being a stay-at-home-mom. (Well, that and Pundit Mom couldn’t make it, so I was the back up plan.)

So, what should I wear to sit on a panel about being a SAHM? Sweatpants? Business casual? My jammies? Should I wear something my children have vomited on (just for authenticity) or should I wear something clean?

* Don’t worry about the doctoral students, Devra will be on the panel too, and she really IS an expert on this kind of thing.

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  1. Oh that sounds like it will be really interesting! Really, it does!

    It doesn’t matter what you plan to wear – your kids will surely get something on it before you leave anyway…

    Good luck!

  2. Brilliant! If I was going for authenticity, I think I’d arrive in pajama pants and a maternity t-shirt with spit-up on it. And definitely no showering before hand.

    Enjoy, it actually sounds pretty cool. The sort of thing I’d totally be into if I was a doctoral student… yeah, someday. Or maybe not.

  3. I’m partial to fig leaves. Or coconuts.

  4. You’re funny. I think at least one stained item is required. Shoot! As a work in the office mom, I always have one stained thing on.

    Have fun!!

  5. Who cares if you were Choice #2? They still wanted you to do it! I think it sounds interesting. I hope we get to hear about how it goes. :)

  6. I always think of you in jeans and a tank top. (Which you look really good in!)

  7. Wear a costume. Say it’s left over from Halloween. And the only clean thing you had to wear. Well, not like they’ll ask. But they’ll never forget you.

  8. Business suit with vomit; crocs for shoes.

  9. You and all of your commenters are cracking me up! I say anything you can still button up…

  10. Do you recall the other day when I was bragging about maddy going to the potty?? Yeah, well did you hex me or something?? She didn’t go to the potty once today….lol. Just thought you’d enjoy that knowledge.
    I’m sure you already decided on what to wear to the seminar…hope it was fun.

  11. You should open with:

    “What are you people doing here? A seminar? You’re doctoral candidates! Shouldn’t you be writing your theses? Don’t you realize your funding is about to be cut?!?”

    Oh the laughs you’d have. Not get. Have.

  12. Love it!
    I think a baby in a Bjorn carrier would be perfect.
    “Don’t mind me, gotta feed the baby. Next question please.”

    Let us know how it goes.

  13. Sweatpants. Definitely sweatpants. Hair in a scrunchy, and a T-shirt that reads “I’m with baby” and has an arrow pointing to your belly.

    But seriously, if you find out about the identity thing, let me know.

  14. I don’t even know you and I am so jealous! I am a former Sociology major and would love to discuss this topic.

  15. I think that something with poop or puke on it would be appropriate.

  16. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Show up dressed as a dominatrix. You’ll be the most popular mom there because doctoral candidates need research that’s somewhat original and a dominatrix does sort of break the stay-at-home-mom stereotype/mold (“My kids listen really really well”, you’ll say, to no ones great surprise).

    Or you could just dig out an old Slayer t-shirt…either way, you’d be unique.

  17. When Sarah called me I suggested she attend naked. This is Aviva’s suggestion because it doesn’t require much thought nor shopping. Aviva HATES shopping and with three kids she maintains she is too busy thinking about schedules to think about what she has in her closet or what needs to be laundered.

  18. Now I’m dying to know how it went.

  19. Sarah did not follow Aviva’s suggestion. Almost. But not quite. I will let her explain. I’ll leave it at that. Cliffhanger.

    I am such a drama queen.

  20. I’m sure you participated admirably! And thanks for taking over!

  21. Can’t wait to hear how this went.

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