A Freak Accident

I hope I don’t lose my toenail.

It was a stupid accident. It was something that you would see in a Will Ferrell movie.

You know those metal travel coffee mugs? Well, Gabe takes those to work in the mornings. There were two empty ones on the stair that he brought in when he got home from work yesterday. I was standing by the front door and Claudia was walking down the stairs.travel mug

Claudia knocked both travel mugs over and one of them bounced off of the ground and somehow landed squarely on the middle toe of my left foot.

Both kids were there and I tried not to scream any bad words.

I am afraid to take off my sock and look at my toe. The whole thing happened about an hour ago and it still hurts like crazy. The thought of losing a toenail really creeps me out.  

How could it have landed on my middle toe anyway? 

You know what else? My steamer baskets attacked me yesterday. They fell off of the shelf for no apparent reason. I am not ruling out a poltergeist. Or maybe my planets are all out of whack.

Is it obvious that I am trying to avoid packing by complaining about my random injuries? I admit it.

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  1. Antyhing is better than packing… well so long as it doesn’t involve injuries and pain. Do you ice a toenail? or put a t-bone on it? Though I don’t get the point of a t-bone for a blackeye anyway. Warm water and epsom salt? You should probably look at it to make sure it’s not turning a funky color (internal bleeding), and maybe stay off of it for a bit. That’s an excuse not to pack as well…

  2. Ouch! I probably would wait as long as possible to look at it too.

    Packing sucks!

  3. you have a gnome. i have experience with this as one has infested my home as well. he also keeps the buzzer on your dryer from going off so you forget about the clothes, knocks things to the floor, makes your pots boil over when you’re doing other house work (reading blogs) and other things. learn to live with him. say hi to him every once in a while. he’ll be happier that way.

  4. If I were you, I’d avoid the kitchen. There are sharp knives in there you know.

  5. I walked into a desk and as a result my big toenail eventually fell off. It also grew back and it fine. I just didn’t look at my big toe for a very long time and kept a band-aid on it 24/7 so no one else needed to be horrified either.

    I can show you my toe now. You cannot even tell I had toe trauma (or drama)

  6. I’m so jealous you’re getting to go to FL for a week!

    I’d stick with the poltergeist theory. Seems most sound.

  7. I think this is fate’s way of flipping you the bird.

    With your toe.

    Which is kinda cool. Go Fate.

  8. Pro-cras-tin-a-shun. Pro-cras-tin-ay-ay-shun. The packing will wait. It’ll keep way-ay-ay-ay-ay-itin.

    (sung to the tune of Anticipation by Carly Simon)


  9. spooky

  10. The Midol I keep taking for cramps keeps wearing off way too fast (the last one I took lasted less than 2 hours before it wore off), so I’m feeling somewhat miserable. Not really comparable, but it’s the best I can do.

    Oh, and I have to work tonight (with the public), so that makes the cramps extra fun. I’ll be extra snarky in my head this way.

    Well, I have to go get ready for work (eat, finish changing, etc.), so I’ll just leave you with a suggestion of ice and propping your foot up.

  11. Hey, if you can shoot a toenail clipping into your eye, I’m not surprised at the coffee mug taking out an entire nail. Skillz.

  12. Think of a large size can, frozen juice concentrate, placed in the grocery cart where you’d ordinarily have a kid sitting, then the can rolling out through the hole where the kid’s leg isn’t. And landing on your big toe. While wearing sandals. I feel your pain.

  13. Oh the dreaded packing. How I loathe it. Inevitably, you will take too much shit you won’t need and you’ll forget something important.

  14. I am the Queen of random freak accidents that are weirder and more hilarious than anything you’d ever see in a movie. Being attacked by your steamer baskets, though? You win!

  15. I have been a frequent visitor of this blog for some time now, so I thought it would be a good idea to leave you with my thanks.

    Jim Mirkalami

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