Randomness Part 93

You know that song “I Love Chocolate Milk”? Yeah. I can’t get that song out of my head. *

How could I have forgotten to buy beer? What the hell is wrong with me?

How gross does this sound… ham flavored soda? (Thanks Lori, I think.)

Igbo-Ora – Land of Twins. (Sorry for the dead link)  (Thanks Britt) This is an interesting article on a village in Nigeria that produces about five times the average multiple births. (Did anyone else read that Stephen King novel “Wolves of the Calla“? It reminds me a little bit of that.)


* And I am a glutton for punishment, and Claudia LOVES that song. Can somebody please e-mail me the mp3?

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  1. {waving hand} I’ve read “Wolves of the Calla”…actually, I’ve read (and have a copy of) everything Stephen King has written. Big SK fan here. Also his wife, Tabitha. Their house in Bangor is kickass. (I live in Maine.)

    Have you seen the trailer for the movie “The Mist”? I saw about one second of that and immediately called out “Hey! ‘The Mist!'” At which point my kids looked at me oddly. Considering it was taken from a short story included in his book “Skeleton Crew,” which came out in 1985, I did pretty good to recognize it so quickly, I think.

    OK, I think I need to blather on my own blog…just smack me to shut me up. mk

  2. Ham soda? There are just so many things wrong with that.

  3. No beer? What. The. Fuck.

  4. Yeah, so ask gidge about the turkey flavored soda that Jones had. Is it bad that Iknew before I clicked the link that it was a Jones Soda??

  5. I guessed that it was Jones Soda before I looked. Ham soda just sounds gross to me (they do make some good flavors).

  6. You forgot to buy beer?! How dare you! At least you didn’t accidentally come home with ham soda. And yeh, gross.

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