I Hope it is Still Hip to be Square

Chris from Rude Cactus called me hip the other day. Clearly that solidified the fact that I would do something insanely dorky that day proving how uncool I really am.

Take for example this conversation that Gabe and I had about the singer from System of a Down and his new solo album.*Serj System of a Down

Me: You know, Serj. I can never remember his last name. What is it anyway?

Him: I don’t know – Ptolemy?

Me: I was going to say Tarkenton.

The real answer is Tankian.

I think.

Either way it is a good album.

*You could also take for example the fact that I had to e-mail The Kaiser to photoshop a picture of Serj Tankian’s head on Fran Tarkenton’s body.

Thanks Kaiser. This post wouldn’t even be funny without the picture. Although I could easily be the only one who thinks it is funny in the first place. 

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  1. You are the rockinest.

  2. I’m really psyched I called dibs on the onesie with the skull and pink tutu for Lula.

    And before reading the post I thought “wow, that is one ugly football player.” Somehow, I don’t think he’s an ugly musician.

  3. The pink chucks really are too cute though. My niece (19) wore a pair of black leggings with lace on the bottom under a short denim mini to my nephews b-day 2 weeks ago. I didn’t embarrass her by screaming “OhMyGod, that’s just how I used to dress 20 years ago” though I was screaming it in my head.

  4. I too am unable to photoshop. I do recommend having access to someone who is willing to be one’s photoshopbiatch. I found it incredibly useful with the Mr. Spock pic for my post on DC Metro Moms Blog. There is absolutely no way I would have figured out how to do it. I know my skill set.

  5. Ok. Sadly, I had no idea who the singer was. *sigh* I’d heard of the group, but for all I knew of them, there are alternately known as The Wiggles on the kiddie circuit.

    However, I totally knew who Fran Tarkenton was. My hubby would be so proud! :)

  6. Boy you must be taking alot of dayquil…

  7. One of my readers called me “hip” the other day. I was like, “Who, me?” Craziness. :)

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