The Worst Part is that it is that She was Telling the Truth

For as long as I live I never ever want to hear this again.

“Hey Mommy! We both pooped on the floor!”

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  1. Oh. My. God.

    I don’t even wanna know.

    wait..yes I do. (I am so sick)

  2. No shit! 😉

  3. *urp*

    My pugs would get along well with her.


  4. Well, at least she told you, right? Instead of leaving it there for you to discover sometime later.

  5. Ha ha ha! That is too funny! At least they did it at the same time…

  6. And they say it so happily, like you are supposed to congratulate them or something. I hope it was at least on a hard surface and not on soft carpet :p

  7. Dude… that sucks. At least they told you and didn’t let it simmer behind the couch for a week before you found it, eh? Look on the bright side!

  8. Nice one… nothing beats twin surprises. Now the important question: tile, hardwood or carpet?

  9. You capture the uh, joy, of having twins so perfectly.

  10. Ick. So sorry. Hope it was on the tile in the bathroom. (Assuming you have tile in the bathroom.)

  11. We said yes to multiples on our adoption forms… right about now I’m rethinking that choice :)

  12. But that odor is totally not their fault. That is just how the floor smells.

  13. Good lord! My youngest used to poop in the bathtub as the water drained out. At least in the tub I could rinse him off. Oh the stories you can tell to embarrass them when they are teenagers!!

  14. What ever gave them that idea!?

  15. You are just having WAY too much fun over there!

  16. It seems like this is one of the pitfalls of having twins. “Oh, my sibling pooped on the floor. Hey, that looks like fun – I want to poop on the floor too!”

  17. I’m lucky I wasn’t enjoying a beverage when I your post. I would of spit it our all over my keyboard. Hilarious!
    Maybe not so much for you, but definitely for me.

  18. I need to stop being so singleminded. I immediately thought “Why was Sarah pooping on the floor with Claudia?”

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