No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Do you want to know what rules about being back at the house you grew up in for Thanksgiving?

When your son’s cool new “binoculars”:


Turn out to be your autographed Paul Gilbert (of Mr. Big and Racer X fame) poster, circa Cereal Killer.*


Then your husband makes fun of you a lot for being such a dork.

And you know you deserve it.

– Have a great Thanksgiving.


* And yeah, it says: “To Sarah, Twist and Shout”. So I am not the only dork, am I Paul Gilbert?

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  1. I knew I loved you.

    Mr. Big is still my favorite…NOW who’s the dork?

  2. thanks to you we spent the afternoon watching videos from the 80’s on YouTube. It was so much fun though I felt old. Very old. The guys were making me listent to Techn9ne and other such nonsense. I knew I was old when I said Gah! It’s too loud and what the hell is he saying??

    So yeah Happy Turkey Day

  3. I had 80’s music on in the background all day yesterday while cooking and then it stayed on through dinner because I forgot about it… Woohoo. I’m sure the nieces and nephews were wondering what the heck I was listening to.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ha ha ha. Yeah, dork. You can say it right back at me.

  6. That would look really nice next to my autographed Rob and Fab poster.
    That’s right, you heard me.

  7. Surfed in via BlogMad, just wanted to say that is an adorable photo. :)

  8. Dorks rule. Long live the dorks. Dorks forever. ‘nuf said.

  9. This is a total blast from the past. Wow. You went to a lot of concerts…I love all the cool stuff you have/had!

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