No Bear Left Behind: Another SATGS PSA

Say you are on a road trip and you spend one night in a hotel before driving 600 more miles to your destination.

Make damn sure that you have BOTH children’s bears.pink_bear_blanket_teddy

Don’t just look under the bed. Be sure to look between the sheets and the comfortor too.

You are welcome.

(Not doing so may cause crying jags, temper tantrums, five days without a teddy bear, $9.75 in COD costs and the loss of your own blankey as a temporary replacement so that your daughter can sleep.)

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  1. At least it was a bear and not your own underwear sent back to you in an envelope accompanied by a brochure of the upcoming symphony season.

    Yes. That really did happen to me. Tell Claudia about it when she is 21. Or whenever she appreciates a good symphony brochure story.

  2. Oh no.

  3. Oh no!!! We’ve lost a stuffed animal or two, I’d prefer a bikini wax with no advil than losing a child’s blanket.

  4. Oh no! I’m actually amazed that the hotel sent it to you. That they even bothered to not just blow you off. I hope bear + child are back together again….

  5. (P.S. your link when I just read this post included “We’re going on a bear hunt! Too funny.)

  6. I left a 100 Lanz flannel nightgown at the Omni in Chicago like, 18 years ago.
    I was so upset to have left it – and then the staff there was like “are you sure you left it here?”

  7. OMG – do you have a blankey????? I DO!!! I thought I was the only 30 year old mother on Earth who still slept with hers!!!!

  8. And now you have provided Bossy with tonight’s nightmare. Thanks for that.

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