I’ve Lost My Voice

On Saturday night Gabe and I went over to Becky’s house for dinner. We had a fantastic time and we stayed up way too late just talking.  As it neared 1:00 am I noticed that my voice was a bit more – um, Kathleen Turner than normal.

I woke up the next morning and I sounded more like Denny Green after a game.

I’m sorry. Was that too random? What I mean is that I had lost my voice.

Then we drove home.  910 miles. Do you know how difficult it is to  threaten the children in the back seat when you can’t make any sound?

Thank Bog for e-mail and the interweb. This way Mommy at  Work can hear me trash talk her just fine when I tell the entire blogosphere that I beat her 144-72 in fantasy football this weekend.* That’s right, you heard me. I DOUBLED her score. Lapped her. And I did it while Adrian Peterson (the Purple Jesus) sat on the bench.

In case you didn’t quite catch that:

All Hail the HypnotoadGOON SQUAD SARAH (aka All Hail the Hypnotoad): 144

MOMMY AT WORK (aka Indianapolis Easy Money Tramps**): 72

* No comment on my Blog Pound loss to L.A. Daddy. I seem to have conveniently lost my voice.

** That is seriously her ff team name. I wasn’t making that part up.

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  1. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    I’m no theological Einstein, but I don’t think Jesus ever tore a ligament in his knee. He never even rushed for more than a hundred yards in a game. It’s also a little sacrilegious to associate Jesus with Minnesota. I mean, really. Come on.

  2. I love fantasy football team names. Congrats on the win. I only eked mine out by A POINT. Stupid Heath Miller was a gooseegg (that’s what I get for playing a Steeler) and Randy Moss was shutdown this week. Still, I’ll take it.

  3. Ahhh…Adrian Peterson. I was at the Green Bay game when he got hurt.

    Speaking of football…did you see the Pitt/Miami game last night? Holy crap…I’ve never seen a 0-0 score into the fourth quarter!

  4. I actually thought I had a chance on Sunday about 3:30. I blame Andre Johnson.

    I do hope you feel better though….sort of.

  5. I seriously laughed out loud at the Purple Jesus. That, is funny.

  6. I think you also sewed up the Side Bet last week. BLAST.

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