Randomness Part 95

You may have to be either a singer or an opera connoisseur to appreciate this one, but check out this kid (a boy) singing The Queen of the Night aria. I can’t even do that an octave down. Wow. (Thanks Tito.)

Can you tell when I have links? Do you want me to change the color?

Mike Huckabee has a plan to secure the border: Chuck Norris. Damn right. (Thanks Frank Sucks)

Now that we have established that I am Godless, Devra sent me a picture of the Jesus of the Week.

The Kaiser sent a link with some advice on how to get a new Daddy (or Mommy, or both.) It is funnier than it sounds.

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  1. De in D.C. says:

    That boy was amazing, but I couldn’t help thinking that he should be wearing a dress. Is he too young for drag?

    And holy crap, did you see the Cheesus Christ costume? HAHAHHAHAHAHA.

  2. Wait. When did we establish that you were completely Godless? How did I miss that?

  3. Okay, I read that last one as what to get a new daddy, so I was expecting gift ideas for an expectant father. (what a dumbass)

  4. Isn’t that Chuck Norris video the best?!

    And, you’ve been summoned to do a meme. :)

    Meme link

  5. I totally can’t see your links. It might just be me, though. No one else seems to mind! :)

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