Randomness Part 96

I’ve got three links regarding rap music that I love. First – charts and bar graphs about rap lyrics that made me laugh so hard that I cried. I cried! (Thank you Kaiser)

Second – the top 10 rap songs that white people love. Oh, it is funny because it is true.
I stole this from Samantha at Back to Me. It is about Darth Vader and it involves legos, Eddie Izzard and a cafeteria line.

Third – a nice song. Everyday Normal Guy – the rap. (thanks Kate) I can’t resist anything with the line – my parents are pretty nice people mother fucker.

Mommy at Work thinks that the state of South Carolina reads me and is catering to my needs.

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  1. Darth Vadar and the Normal Guy rap just about had me peeing my pants. Hysterical.

  2. I also laughed so hard I cried when I read the graphs of rap songs. Hi-larious!

  3. Top ten songs – puts me back in roller skating rink dances days. Funny stuff.

  4. Oh I’ll have to wait for Alex to wake up to listen :)

  5. I truly loved the Izzard/Lego thing. Awesome.

  6. Great stuff. Darth Vader video is hilarious. The top ten rap songs for white guys is right on, save for Vanilla Ice. Can’t say I ever liked him.

  7. ha ha! hilarious how all these random things made me laugh my ass off. My twins are just discovering the jonny jump up action and I keep singing to them- jump-jump-jump around! but I couldn’t remember anything other than, that of course. Now we can watch the video!! hee hee

  8. I know every word to I Gotta Man. But I already knew how white I was.

    Also, I can do the Humpty Dance. “First you limp to the left like your leg is broken, shakin and twitchin kinda like it was smokin…”

  9. The top 10 songs are the BOMB!!!!!

  10. Oh my god, Sarah!

    Thank you so much. I just laughed so hard at ALL of those!

    I especially appreciated the Eddie Izzard/Darth Vader thing because I saw him to that bit live in 2000, as one of his encores, but it didn’t get put on the Circle Tour DVD.

  11. I think my favorite so far (and I haven’t read them all yet) is “Feeling of Well Being Based on Occupation.” Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

  12. rap songs list = awesome.

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