Generation Gap

My children will never know what it was like to live in America before 9/11. They have always had TiVo. The lowest tech video game system they have ever seen is PlayStation 2. As far as they know you have always been able to say the word shit on television. I don’t think they even ever seen a dial phone or coke in a glass bottle, and they have have never heard a president pronounce the word ‘nuclear’ properly.

Apparently they also don’t remember what it was like before greeting cards played “Word Up” or “The Final Countdown” because when we got out holiday card from our Washington Post carrier (which, what the hell, by the way) Ian put it up to his ear, looked disappointed and said “I don’t hear anything”.

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  1. Ha! I just got 2 of those cards for the very first time this week…They freak me out. I’m not prepared for them.

  2. I love this.

    I also love the “holiday greetings” that are actually a shakedown for cash.

  3. MINE DID THE SAME THING with a card I got the other day.

    …and our sending cards with inappropriate themes on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. got SO MUCH MORE FUN with the music cards. Just saying.

  4. Oh, and I kinda maybe sorta told my Twitter friends to come peer pressure you.

  5. GO JOIN TWITTER! Queen of Spain says you are cool so we need you on there!

  6. I’m “kinda maybe sorta” responding to the request for peer pressure from QofS.

    Resistance is futile: join Twitter now. In the event your identity is discovered, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your existence. This message will self-destruct …

  7. come join twitter.
    we love to say inane things that no one cares about.

    Oh, and Lou doesn’t ever understand why I can’t rewind the radio……

  8. I’d also like you to go check your sitemeter and see the traffic Twitter can generate.

    Ok, done now. I swear.

  9. Classic.

  10. Yeah, me too, go join Twitter and then add me, SheilaS ’cause I’ll talk about beer and football (but I do prefer hoops….)

    There, Queen of Spain, I’m all over it for ya….

  11. That is so funny!

  12. Excellent note of time lapsing…

    And holiday cards from postal carriers and newspaper delivery people are IMHO reminders that they accept gifts and tips.

    I find this is a common POV.

    Just label me a card-carrying member of the Scrooge club I guess. 😉

    Using My Words

  13. My mom still uses a film camera (until she opens the digital camera I got her for Christmas anyway), and everytime she takes a picture, Petunia makes my mom show the back of the camera to her. At which time Petunia promptly declares “This is broken” because she can’t see the picture display. Ah, progress.

  14. In our neck of the woods (Northeastern Wisconsin), we talk about this younger generation who have never known a quarterback other than Brett Favre. :)

  15. Well, I can agree to everything, except the video games. My kids are still playing the Sega Genesis with Madden ’96 (until Xmas anyway).

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  1. I Twitter says:

    […] I finally caved in to the peer pressure. […]