I Twitter

I finally caved in to the peer pressure.

I joined Twitter.

And I follow Henry Rollins.


Mostly because I am dying to know what on Earth Henry Rollins would twitter about.

Holy shit. I just used the words “Henry Rollins” and “twitter” in the same sentence. I can honestly say I never thought that would happen.

Anyway, feel free to come and follow me. I’m guessing it will be a lot like here but with less pictures. Lumpyhead’s Mom wanted to know if it was just a place where she could find out if I was drinking beer or on the can (her words, not mine). I told her I would report back after I figured it out.

How would you describe Twitter? 

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  1. I used to have a blog called “255 Characters or Less” (and yes, I know it should be “fewer”; the “less” version is what my old pager used to shout at me). It was for posts that could fit within a pager message, and it was inspired by a bunch of messages Al and I sent to each other via pager when we first met. Twitter, for me, is a cross between that blog, IM, and a news feed (because my buds are always alerting me to sales at online shops, and because I follow NPR), only the limit is 140 characters, not 255.

  2. What could Henry Friggin’ Rollins possibly Twitter about?

  3. Henry’s been pretty quiet lately, but I still wait patiently for those little tweets of his. Any friend of QofS is a good egg in my book. Welcome to Twitter!

    Oh and as to what you can expect? This morning I was greeted by tweets ranging from a description of a truly horrendous burp and football game gloating. Yeah. I’m easy to please.

  4. Henry Rollins. I saw him open once, I can’t remember who he opened for.
    It is a little shocking to see Twitter and Henry Rollins in the same sentence.

  5. Henry Rollins TWITTERS?!

    Now I have to figure out how to use the stupid thing.

  6. Apparently I broke Twitter cause the page won’t load. :(

  7. Stupidly addicting. That’s how I describe Twitter. Defies logic. That’s one too.

    But I love that you gave into peer pressure and joined. Henry Rollins, if I remember correctly, wasn’t all that exciting to follow. I think I dumped him. Yeah, that’s one thing I thought I’d never say – I dumped Henry Rollins.

  8. And? What is Henry Rollins Twittering about?

  9. What the crap is Twitter? I remember hearing about it faintly. I’m gonna have to go look this up, aren’t I?

  10. Resistance is futile.
    Prepare to be assimilated.

  11. I just like to say random shit on twitter.
    For grins.

  12. I love twitter with big red hearts. I use it as an outlet for all those bizarre thoughts in my head that I have in the car and I always forget to tell someone about when I get where I’m going.

  13. My brain thinks in 140 characters or less. This must explain the lack of content on my blog.

  14. i’m so addicted to twitter i seem to not blog anymore.

  15. Hey Taste Like Crazy, I broke my Twitter too. Oh, no wait…it was my coccyx.

  16. only feeling slightly guilty.

    we’ll talk about utterz next. but you’re not ready yet.

    yoda I am

  17. Twitter is the instant messenger of bloggers. As I trudge through my day I either think hmmm…i should Twitter that or I should blog that…depending on the length of the topic of the moment. If I can say it in 140 characters or less…Twitter wins.

  18. I’m still fighting the urge to join the twittering masses.

    Suffice it to say, I’m all not all atwitter about twitter.

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